Thursday, February 9, 2023
News 100,000 Units of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Could Have Received Faulty Taillamps

100,000 Units of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Could Have Received Faulty Taillamps

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L are recalled due to a problem with the side marker lamps.

  • The taillamps could have been damaged prior to assembly in a way that makes the marker light inoperative

  • This also affects the longer Grand Cherokee L

  • Stellantis will inspect and replace the taillamps for free

Stellantis announced a recall for the 2021 and 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L due to a risk of the rear side markers being inoperative.

According to the automaker, the taillamp assemblies in 98,832 units of the Grand Cherokee L and 354 units of the Grand Cherokee could have been damaged prior to being installed on the vehicle.

Due to this damage, the rear side marker lamps might not illuminate, which means that the vehicles are in non-compliance with US federal safety standards that require every vehicle to have an orange and a red light visible from the side in order to identify the front and the rear of the vehicle in the dark.

Following its testing, Stellantis believes that only about 1% of the total recalled vehicles will actually have damaged taillamps, which is why the repair process will start with an inspection.

Only vehicles whose light units are found to be damaged will be replaced, others will be able to keep their original parts.

The large disparity in the number of affected Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L units is due to timing. Indeed, the Grand Cherokee L was introduced a number of months before the smaller Grand Cherokee.

Since the damaged taillamps were the first to be shipped to the factory, the Grand Cherokee L used them from the start of its production in December 2020 until they ran out in November 2021.

With production starting in May of 2021, the Grand Cherokee was only produced for about six months with the suspect taillamps.

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