Friday, December 9, 2022
News 12,490 Units of the Porsche Taycan are Being Recalled Due to Non-Working...

12,490 Units of the Porsche Taycan are Being Recalled Due to Non-Working Screens

The Porsche Taycan can suffer from inoperable center screens due to a software problem.

  • A software bug makes the screen stay black after the ignition is turned on

  • This can make the reverse camera impossible to see

  • Lucid and Lincoln have both recalled vehicles using software from the same company

Porsche is recalling 12,490 units of the Taycan electric sports car because the center screen can malfunction and stay off while the ignition is turned on.

This warrants a recall since the backup camera uses this screen and failing to display the camera feed when the vehicle is in reverse is in non-compliance with the American federal safety standards. The recall also states that the images from the 360-degree camera system can flicker and that controls for many of the vehicle’s functions can be made inoperable.

According to Porsche, the problem comes from defective software that has been designed by German company Aptiv Services. This company has already been found responsible for a similar recall for the Lucid Air, on which a wiring harness for the center screen was longer than specified as well as another recall by Lincoln, whose Aviator PHEV featured a defective charge port made by the same supplier.

Porsche found out about the problem through a number of warranty claims and it investigated to narrow down its cause. The automaker says the affected Taycan models have been built between October 2019 and April of this year.

The issue will be fixed by installing new software for the central computer (PCM) and Porsche intends to update many other systems of the car in response to customer complaints that are not related to the present issue.

Owners of the affected vehicles will receive a notification by mail in the next 60 days and they will then be able to have their car’s software updated free of charge.

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