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News1,500 Lamborghinis Gather For Movember Bullrun

1,500 Lamborghinis Gather For Movember Bullrun

Raging bulls around the globe gather

  • Lamborghini owners around the world gathered to raise funds

  • World record for most cars with a sticker moustache?

The automaker calls it the largest gathering in the company’s history. 1,500 Lamborghinis from around the world to the streets with moustache decals to help support Movember. Made up of separate events from more than 92 global Lambo dealers, the day saw some seriously cool collections of raging bulls.

There might have been 1,500 moustachioed Lambos around the world, but the largest single gathering was at Blenheim Palace in the UK. 200 customers brought their Lamborghinis of all types to that show. More than 600 US owners took part, scattered across 22 states. Lamborghini will be supporting Movember, a movement where people grow moustaches for the month of November to raise funds to support men’s health issues.

If you weren’t at the Bullrun, and yes that is the proper name for a gathering of Lamborghini vehicles, there is a gallery of Sant’Agata’s finest wearing all types of facial hair from the brush to the handlebar to the Dali, and everything in between. The New York event even took over a pier to arrange more than three dozen Lambos into the shape of a giant handlebar moustache. Is this a world record for cars with Moustaches? Maybe it’s time to give Guinness a call. Or since these are Italian cars and ‘taches, maybe it’s Peroni?


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