Saturday, January 22, 2022
News 1,751 Subarus Join for Record-Breaking Parade

1,751 Subarus Join for Record-Breaking Parade

Subaru breaks records with 3 km parade of cars

  • Parade took place of long-running STI event

  • Made up largest parade of Subarus ever

Turns out that Subaru loves a parade as much as they do heading to a national park, and fans of the brand have just set a record for the largest parade of Subaru cars, gathering close to three times the previous record.

The parade took place earlier this week at the 2020 Subaru Tecnica International Subiefest in Costa Mesa, CA. How many Scoobies were they able to get together?

1,751 in total, in a parade more than 3 km long, shattering the previous record of 549 set in 2015, and certified by Guinness World Records.

Subiefest is one of the largest annual Subaru gatherings in the US, but this year event planners organised a parade in place of the traditional festival. Keeping people distanced and in their cars in order to help ensure the safety of attendees.

Rather than sell tickets to the parade, Subaru of America asked for a donation to Feeding America. Subaru matched the donations allowing for 500,000 meals to be provided by food banks in the LA region. Subaru says that’s in addition to its partnership with Feeding America to help provide 50 million meals to help those affected by the COVID pandemic.

The finale of the parade was a drive-through look at a collection of STI vehicles that included the largest collection of the rally-special Impreza STI 22B in the US as well as Subaru Motorsports race cars.

Subaru was hoping to break the record for largest single-make vehicle parade but fell well short of the largest parade of Volkswagen Beetles, which took 2,728 cars around a race track in Brazil in 1995.

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