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News1,775 HP Bugatti Tourbillon PHEV's Screen Deploys As Quickly As Its 0-100...

1,775 HP Bugatti Tourbillon PHEV’s Screen Deploys As Quickly As Its 0-100 km/h

Bugatti drops the W but takes one anyway

  • Screen and car both burst forward in two seconds

  • Bugatti absolutely elevates the hypercar game

The Bugatti Tourbillon turns the hypercar on its head once again. This time, the French automaker has returned to beauty and not just performance, though the Tourbillon’s new hybrid V16 power system doesn’t disappoint on the latter front either.

“Beauty, performance and luxury formed the blueprint for the Tourbillon,” said Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac. He referenced vintage Bugattis like the Type 57SC Atlantique and Type 41 Royale and called this car “a car that was more elegant, more emotive and more luxurious than anything before it. Quite simply, incomparable. And just like those icons of the past, it wouldn’t be simply for the present, or even for the future, but Pour l’éternité – for eternity.”

A tourbillon was designed as a mechanism that improves the precision of a mechanical watch, but has now become a focal point to showcase luxury craft as well. Bugatti wanted the Tourbillon to accomplish the same, so it left out big digital screens – the screen stays hidden until needed, then pops out of the dash in just two seconds – and instead had Swiss watchmakers craft an entirely analog instrument bezel that contains more than 600 parts, and gemstones like sapphires and rubies.

The car is designed to crush 400 km/h at top speed, and so it has been extensively honed in the wind tunnel. But it is still a stunning shape, more beautiful than the ungainly Veyron and Chiron. Thanks to the dihedral doors that open into the roof and can be operated from the car or from the key fob, it also has a sense of occasion.

Bugatti’s W16 is out, and a new 8.3L V16 engine is in. Developed along with Cosworth, it can rev to 9,000 rpm. The new engine makes 1,000 hp, while two electric motors in the front and one in the rear add 800 hp to the equation, which works out to a maximum output of 1,775 hp.

The motors are powered by a 25 kWh 800V battery mounted behind the occupants. When not using the car’s full power, it allows for a 60 km all-electric range.

Delightfully Bugatti highlights abound. The car’s new chassis is entirely carbon and uses the battery as part of the monocoque. The suspension uses organic-design 3D-printed aluminum parts, and the Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2 tires are bespoke to the car. It also has more luggage space than the Chiron despite being the same size, which allows for some custom luggage.

The Bugatti Tourbillon will be delivered starting in 2026. The company will build 250, and the price starts from 3.8m euros.


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