2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Review: This Is The Best Honda

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid
2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Review | Photo: Honda

The redesigned Honda Accord will once again feature a hybrid engine version.

The 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid could become a lot more relevant in the next few years as more and more buyers look to lower fuel consumption.

Honda built its reputation on small, economical cars. In 2019 however, the most interesting members of its portfolio are its biggest vehicle. The Accord Hybrid is the second largest of them all.

The most corpulent car in Honda’s current line-up is the Clarity PHEV and I’m quite taken by it too. It all makes sense of course as both cars share a number of electric powertrain components with the exception of the Clarity’s larger battery.

I can get satisfaction

The trick to these cars is that they tick all the right boxes, with some subjective objections. Styling aside, the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid provides the end user with content, value, performance, space, comfort and the all-important sense of satisfaction. The latter point is not to be overlooked. Ever.

Lately, I’ve suggested on a number of occasions that opting for the top-spec car is a waste of money. More often than not, many thousands must be spent in order to get the one item that is lacking on the better value-priced car. In the Accord’s case, I’d go all out.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Review
2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The value’s in the Touring

The base 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid retails for $33,390. Stepping up to the tested Touring ads a whopping $6,700 for a total of $40,090, but it’s absolutely worth it. The main advantages come in the form of adaptive dampers, head’s-up display, heated steering wheel, wireless charging a slew of other features.

The satisfaction comes from many aspects starting with the car’s luxuriously appointed cabin. The equipment matches the fit, finish and lovely materials that should have Acura people worried. In fact, with the sole exception of AWD, a more or less equivalent Acura TLX retails as much as $8,600 more or as little as $5,000 more. A base TLX SH-AWD with far fewer bells and whistles is $1,100 more. If I did not care for AWD, I’d not hesitate for a nano-second and head over to my Honda dealer.

The Accord’s passenger quarters are also huge and comfortable and while the boot may not be as restful as the seats, it is equally capacious. The car is also remarkably good to drive. Satisfaction also comes in the form of the enjoyment that comes from spending time at the wheel of the Accord Hybrid.

There is such a thing as Hybrid power

Last summer, I spent a week with an Accord Touring 2.0, the top iteration, and thought it was lovely. I praised the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine and now that I’ve sample the Hybrid, I’m not sure I’d do 2.0T.

The Accord Hybrid’s Atkinson Cycle 2.0-litre engine, combined with the electric motor, deliver a total system output of 212-horsepower. Like the Honda Insight, the real pleasure comes from the electric motor’s copious amount of torque which is set at 232lb.-ft. from 0 to 2,000 rpm. The petrol engine 129 lbs. of torque arrive at 3,500 to keep momentum going. Once more, like the Insight and Clarity, the only available transmission is an electric-continuously variable transmission (E-CVT) which also drones heavily when pushed – I can live with it.

Spirited could be a way to describe how the Accord Hybrid moves about in Sport mode. I’m convinced that I’d never regret not selecting the Touring 2.0 which happens to retail for $1,000 less than the Touring Hybrid.

A mild drop in all-out performance might be one thing but the fact that the Hybrid returns 5.0L/100km in mixed driving with little effort is once more colossally satisfying. At this time of the year with old-man winter cramming in all of the season’s snow storms in one week, I’ve averaged just under 6.5L/100km which is incredible nonetheless.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Review
2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Rear Seats | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Adaptive ride

Of the many bits of equipment, the Touring holds over the base car, the adaptive dampers pop up as most noteworthy. They provide equal amounts of comfort and sportiness that, once again, calm all doubts and stroke the ego. Steering is fine and points are awarded to the linear functioning regenerative brakes. Here too, like the Insight, Honda has endowed the car with variable regen braking which unfortunately resets to the default mode automatically.

As I’ve noted in my Insight video review, I find that driving a good hybrid can be relaxing. Within the luxurious and spacious confines of the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring, it feels good to be good.

Finally, the question is whether or not one should buy an Accord Hybrid. If it wasn’t for the Toyota Camry Hybrid, I’d say it was the one to get.

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