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Comparison 2019 Honda Passport vs 2019 Ford Edge Spec Comparison

2019 Honda Passport vs 2019 Ford Edge Spec Comparison

The Honda Passport hasn’t quite arrived yet, but we do know a fair bit about it nevertheless. As for the Ford Edge, well it’s been significantly redesigned this year.

If you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV this year, the 2019 Ford Edge and upcoming 2019 Honda Passport will surely be on your list.

We can’t quite compare these two SUVs on the basis of performance as of yet given that the Passport is only scheduled to be released in or around March, but there’s still a few things we can look out side-by-side to help get your research.

We drove the 2019 Ford Edge a while back and we were there when the 2019 Honda Passport was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto ShowWe can tell you right off the bat that these two SUVs are perfectly tailored to the needs of a growing family and that they are probably with the Jeep Grand Cherokee the best options for anyone needing to do a bit of off-road driving from time to time. 

Knowing how Honda likes to design its vehicles, we don’t expect the Passport to be too rugged and rough on the road despite Honda saying it will be more capable off-road then a Pilot or CR-V. Slotting between those two models, the Passport will likely offer a ride that puts comfort first and foremost.

And so even before having been behind the wheel of the Passport, we can tell you that it will likely be very similar to the Edge in terms of driving dynamics. We will confirm all of this down the road, of course.

In the meantime, we thought we’d look at how the Passport and Edge match up in terms of engine specs, standard features, and cargo capacity. And we’re off.

2019 Honda Passport
2019 Honda Passport

2019 Ford Edge Titanium
2019 Ford Edge Titanium


The 2019 Honda Passport gets a 3.5-liter V6 with 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque paired with a 9-speed automatic that sends power to all four wheels standard. The AWD system found in the Passport includes driving modes for various types of conditions including snow, mud, and sand.

The 2019 Ford Edge gets a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine making 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. This engine can be paired to either the front wheels or all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic.

According to early reports the Passport will be able to tow up to 5,000 pounds with a towing package or 3,500 pounds standard. The new Edge can tow 3,500 pounds as well.

Ultimately, the Passport has more power while the Edge has more torque because of the turbo. That turbo will probably also make it feel slightly faster off the line, but that’s just a guess for now.

The Edge does get more engine options while it appears the Passport will only have the V6. On the other hand, that 3.5-liter mill has proved very reliable and quite fuel-efficient in the Honda Pilot and other Honda models in which it’s found.

We’re guessing the Passport will be slightly more efficient than the Ford Edge which has an average fuel economy rating of 11.4 liters per 100 kilometers in the city and 8.3 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway. That’s not exactly impressive, let’s just put it that way.

2019 Ford Edge Titanium
2019 Ford Edge Titanium

2019 Honda Passport
2019 Honda Passport

Standard Features

Right now, the new Passport seems to have the upper hand when it comes to standard features. Honda says it will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Honda Sensing suite of active safety technologies, heated front seats, LaneWatch blind spot monitoring, 20-inch wheels, remote engine start, heated steering wheel and a 3-zone automatic climate controls.

Very little of those features are found in the base Ford Edge. Ford’s Co-Pilot360 suite of driver assistance features are optional but you do get blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. The standard wheels are 18 inches and your seats aren’t heated.

Of course, that model, the 2019 Ford Edge SE, starts at just $34,349. The Passport’s starting price is considerably more at just over $41,000. It does make up for the difference by offering all those standard features, but it’s certainly a step up in terms of price and high interest rates on leasing and financing don’t help. You’ll pay quite a bit more for a Passport.

2019 Honda Passport
2019 Honda Passport

2019 Ford Edge
2019 Ford Edge

Cargo Capacity and Interior Space

This is pretty straightforward here, both the Ford Edge and Honda Passport offer over a 1,000 liters of cargo space with all seats in place. The Edge has 1,111 liters to be exact while the Passport will have 1,167 liters. In other words, you won’t notice the difference.

The Passport gets 3,254 liters of total passenger space while the Edge has 3,225. Again, a minimal difference. The only real difference we notice is that the Honda will offer over 2,800 liters of total cargo space with the rear seats down while the Edge has just 2,078 liters.

We’ll know more about how the Ford Edge compares with the new Honda Passport when the latter arrives on the market. For now, it seems the Honda has a slight advantage in terms of features and interior space, but value isn’t known yet and we still have to determine how it drives. Stay tuned.

2019 Ford Edge Pictures

2019 Honda Passport Pictures

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