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Glance 2020 Ford Fusion At A Glance

2020 Ford Fusion At A Glance

Ford’s killing all its sedans but before they go away for good, here’s a brief look at the 2020 Ford Fusion

Ford was the first manufacturer to officially announce that cars were out. Many other carmakers have since followed in Ford’s footsteps but did so in a quieter manner to avoid negative press. Unlike a few sedans currently on offer, the soon-to-be deceased Ford Fusion wasn’t a bad car it. According to Ford, it simply does not have a future.

For 2020, Ford of Canada will continue to provide Fusion sedan buyers the following trims: The SE, SE Hybrid, Titanium Hybrid, PHEV SEL and PHEV Titanium. As this will be the final model year for the car, no changes are expected to occur over the 2019 model year cars.

As such, the powerful 2.7-litre turbocharged V6 version is no more but the hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) soldier on. The base cars will continue to be powered by the 181-horsepower EcoBoost 1.5-litre 4-cylinder while the hybrids will rely on the 2.0-litre Atkinson-cycle hybrid 4-cylinder engine.

Normally, we’d recommend keeping away from the PHEV but in the Fusion’s case, the Energi PHEV car is only about $2,500 more expensive than the hybrid. Price gaps are typically far greater than this. Its 9kWh will give you no more than 40km of electric range in the best of times. If you can keep your commute under 40km, the premium is worth it.

Having said all that, the 2020 Ford Fusion may be a fine automobile however it’s not as good overall as the Toyota Camry. The 2020 (and remaining 2019) have an advantage and that is that Ford’s already heavily discounting them. Typically, Fusion resale values are weak-ish, increasing the costs of ownership but these rebates nearly annul this disadvantage.

The 2020 Ford Fusion may turn out to be one heck of bargain as we move into calendar year 2020. Here’s what you should consider if the Fusion’s on your short list.

Things the 2020 Ford Fusion does well

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

  1. It’s quite the handsome car. Despite being a rental-fleet special, the Fusion is still quite distinguished physically. As always, the further the trim scale you travel, the better looking it becomes.
  2. As touched on above, right now and until the plug is completely pulled on the Fusion, Ford is ready and willing to make deals. Right now, a 2019 Fusion SE starts at well under $25,000, seriously undercutting the competition. In fact, it’s priced close to a number of compact cars.
  3. Given that government incentives on electrified vehicles are likely to outlast the Fusion, and that Ford is ready to throw in their first-born and the sink, the PHEV Energi is something of a deal. Don’t expect to get much for it three or four years down the road, however.
  4. Like the majority of the category members, the Ford Fusion is spacious and comfortable.

Things the 2020 Ford Fusion doesn’t do so well

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

  1. The base SE, equipped with the 1.5-litre EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine is the one we’d avoid. Although most issues are worked out, EcoBoost engines have suffered terrible reliability in the past. With the incentives, a PHEV will cost little more and will be better on fuel so long as you remain within the EV range of 40km.
  2. Should government incentives dry up sooner rather than later, avoid the PHEV at all costs. Your ROI will be negligible as will be its resale value.
  3. While on the topic of resale value, the Ford Fusion’s will crumble when Ford discontinues the car. With such little demand for the Fusion and readily available inventory, this car will be the worst financial investment in the segment. If at all, consider leasing the car to avoid the pain of trading it in for a cup of day-old coffee before the base warranty is up.
  4. The Ford Fusion’s cabin, the center console in particular, looks dated. The available SYNC3 is still superb however much of the switchgear below the touchscreen display is from another era.

What we tell our friends

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

If you are thinking about building a long-term relationship with your new sedan, you’ll be better off with a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. Nearly every car in the segment has more to offer, including the Koreans.

The rebates associated with the car from the manufacturer make it a more interesting purchase than the Koreans but simply put, get a Toyota Camry. Seriously. If the Camry’s too expensive, the answer is Corolla.

2020 Ford Fusion Photo Gallery

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

2020 Ford Fusion | Photo: Ford

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