2020 Lincoln Aviator promises to fly over potholes


Lincoln Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview system wants to make the 2020 Aviator glide through our pothole-infested roads.

If the Quebec highway system is full of something, it’s potholes. Every year, during the thaw period, these holes of all formats are multiplied on motorways and on secondary roads – and even in parking lots to the chagrin of motorists who must develop autoslalom skills to avoid them.

However, with eyes firmly on the road, it is often impossible to make the necessary avoidance maneuvers in time. One follows from an impact that causes discomfort in the cabin every time, followed by some possible damage to the running gear.

Armed with a new suspension technology and various sensors, Lincoln wants to remedy the discomfort associated with these road imperfections.

In fact, with the Air Glide adaptive suspension combined with the Road Preview system, Ford’s luxury subsidiary wants to use probes and cameras to anticipate shocks caused by potholes.

First, the Road Preview system will scan the road in front of the Aviator with cameras that can collect data 50 feet in front of the SUV. Other sensors that evaluate vehicle behavior such as body movement, speed and direction are added to the equation to dictate how Air Glide adaptive suspension should behave. Equipped with pneumatic springs, this suspension can therefore be compressed or relax in anticipation of a shock.

According to Lincoln, the system’s sensors evaluate the road 500 times per second, and the suspension can be adjusted up to 100 times per second depending on conditions.

Alas, Lincoln cannot promise to reduce the mechanical damage resulting from a pothole impact with this suspension, but this innovation can probably help reduce shocks in the cabin and provide greater comfort for the driver and his passengers.


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