Thursday, May 19, 2022
News 2021 Acura TLX Type S Sells Out Online In 8 Hours

2021 Acura TLX Type S Sells Out Online In 8 Hours

TLX Type Gone

  • Badge missing for 11 years, sells out in just eight hours

  • Only 240 Type S TLX models in total for Canada

Acura announced Wednesday that it was making the all-new 2021 TLX Type S available for online pre-orders, even before they gave the car a price tag. Acura buyers, apparently, were eager, and the online pre-sale has already sold out.

The sell-out took just eight hours, with buyers putting down a $2,500 deposit for their Acura TLX Type S and snagging one of the 119 vehicles that could be ordered as part of the advance sale. Even more surprising, Apex Blue Pearl, which might be the best colour offered on the car (and the signature colour of the old A Spec trims) isn’t even available as part of the pre-order.

The announcement comes with another surprise for Canadian buyers looking for the new 355 hp Type S: Canada is only getting 240 units in total, Acura says, meaning that almost half of them are gone already.

Acura says it will start a waitlist, though, for those who still want a 2021 TLX Type S. Reach out to your local dealer or visit the automaker’s website to try and grab one of the remaining places on the list.

The 2021 Type S will start arriving at Acura dealers in June, with a price somewhere around $60,000, though that MSRP uncertainty certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed down interest in the car. In addition to the Type S-spec 3.0L twin-turbo V6, the car will get all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, bigger brakes and tires, and Ultrasuede sports seats inside.


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    • Can you not read? Dumb ass.
      They sold out the 119 that were available for pre order in 8 hours. The other 121 vehicles destined for Canada are not available to pre order.
      God, what’s the point of ur comment?
      Doesn’t matter if it’s 1,100 or 1000…Every car available for pre order was sold.

  1. I guess you can’t read, only 240 vehicles total for all of Canada…of that 119 were available online for pre order and sold out in 8 hours…they sold 100% of vehicles available for pre order. What is the point of your comment? THEY SOLD 100% OF PRE ORDERS IN 8 HOURS and almost 50% of the total cars destined for Canada.

  2. LOL at Nick F getting triggered. It’s a publicity ploy. The initial comment was based on that thought. Who cares if a hundred cars get pre-sold with a deposit.(not a question) Wow.

  3. Lol@Nick “The Goldfish” Memory man forgetting his comment 6 minutes prior and posting another nugget of abject and unfiltered stupidity for everyone’s amusement.

  4. Acura is a JOKE . 355 CRANK HP with a TT V6 . Buick made that in the 80s w one less turbo . Complete Utter over priced failure. After it goes through that AWD and that horrendous slush box 10 speed you will not even see 300 hp at the wheels . Suckers . 60 k for mid 13 second car ..LMAO . go drive the audi s6 that makes more power and is lighter and is a SLOW PIG… whT a disgrace that the type S won’t even make 300 hp where it counts . F FOR failure. With today’s Technology anything under 400 hp with a 6 and TT is a failure. This will either be a one and done failure or they will sucker everyone into buying it by claiming “the fastest Type S ever built” then they will tune it correctly for 2022 and have everyone coming back . How dare acura use the word performance w this Sled .

    • It’s not a TT dumb fuck it’s a twin scroll turbo and highly likely its underrated since that is usually how Acura does things underrate the power at the crank.. STFU ignorant tool


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