Monday, December 5, 2022
News 2021 Ford Escape PHEV Production Expected Start in April

2021 Ford Escape PHEV Production Expected Start in April

Plug-in Ford Escape delayed more than a year

  • More than a year’s delay for Escape with a plug

  • Delayed by Pandemic, then charging issues in Europe

The plug-in hybrid version of the latest Ford Escape was expected to start production way back in the spring. But then the pandemic pushed that back to summer and before production could start another issue arose. The PHEV model of the Ford Kuga, the Escape’s name in Europe, had a stop-sale over some problems with fire while charging. Now a new report says that PHEV Escapes will start escaping in April.

April 5th is the date for the 2021 Escape PHEV to start production at the Louisville Assembly Plant, reports Ford Authority. The Escape’s luxury plug-in sibling, the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring is also set to start the same day. It will, says the report, follow the 2021 Ford Escape gas versions into production, and those are expected to start on the line today.

The Escape plug-in and Corsair Grand Touring were first revealed back in 2019, and were expected to have started production much earlier last year. Now, all of the possible issues with the vehicle, and its 2.5L four, 14.4 kWh lithium battery, and electric motor have been sorted, including the charging issue that came from battery contamination and required pack replacement.

Facing increased competition by compact competitors including the Toyota RAV4 Prime on the PHEV side and even the new Bronco Sport on the gas side, the delays for this Escape model could be costly. Still, look to see these new Escapes plugging in around you starting in late April or early May.


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