Wednesday, December 2, 2020
News 2021 Honda Clarity Gets A $3,515 Price Increase In Canada

2021 Honda Clarity Gets A $3,515 Price Increase In Canada

Meanwhile, U.S. pricing remains unchanged.

  • The 2021 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid starts at $44,505 in Canada before freight and delivery charges.

  • Pricing for the U.S.-spec Clarity PHEV remains unchanged for 2021.

  • The Clarity plug-in hybrid offers an EV driving range of 77 km in Canada and 48 miles in the U.S.

The 2021 Honda Clarity is now on sale in Canada, but it’ll cost noticeably more than the 2020 model. The base MSRP is set at $44,505 before freight and delivery charges, up from $40,990. That’s a price increase of $3,515.

Actually, freight and delivery charges have recently gone up for all Honda cars in Canada, increasing from $1,655 to $1,785. That means a 2021 Honda Clarity will end up costing $3,645 more than the 2020 model-year car.

In addition, there are no changes between the two model years, so the price increase for the 2021 Honda Clarity doesn’t come from added features or improvements. Meanwhile in the United States, pricing has remained unchanged for the 2021 model compared to the previous model year—$33,400 for the base trim, $36,600 for the Touring.

The Clarity PHEV is eligible for a rebate of up to $5,000 (after taxes) under the Canadian iZEV incentive program, which can be combined with a rebate of up to $8,000 (after taxes) in Quebec or up to $1,500 (before taxes) in British Columbia.

“As the Canadian auto industry evolves, unique business realities are impacting competition and the profitability of the entire industry, resulting in significant cost pressures that must be managed and addressed,” Brand Communications Manager for Honda Canada, John Bordignon, told Motor Illustrated. “A number of factors influence vehicle pricing. Technology, R&D, market conditions, competition, economic factors like the value of international currency and the difference in the US/CDN dollar, shipping, labour and transport cost increases, the current pandemic’s impact globally, etc., can result in significantly higher costs to our manufacturing capacity, purchasing and parts requirements.”

The 2021 Honda Clarity is only available in Canada as a plug-in hybrid, while the U.S. market also gets a hydrogen fuel-cell variant. A fully electric Clarity was also available south of the border up until recently, but was canned due to low demand, given its estimated driving range of only 89 miles (142 km).

The plug-in hybrid version features a 1.5L four-cylinder engine develops 103 horsepower and 99 pound-feet of torque, an electric motor that develops 181 hp and 232 lb.-ft., a 17-kWh battery pack and a single-speed transmission. Combined output is rated at 212 horsepower.

In Canada, the Clarity has is rated at 2.1 Le/100 km, with city/highway/combined figures of 5.3/5.9/5.6 L/100 km after the battery pack reaches its minimal state of charge. It also has an EV-only driving range of about 77 km. In The U.S., the 2021 Honda Clarity offers a combined rating of 110 MPGe and gets 42 miles to the gallon, while its EV range is pegged at 48 miles. Charging times amount to 2.5 hours on a 240-volt outlet or 12 hours with a domestic, 120-volt socket.

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