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News2022 Hyundai Elantra N is an Angry-Looking 290hp Sport Compact

2022 Hyundai Elantra N is an Angry-Looking 290hp Sport Compact

Elantra N bows, looks sharp

  • 280 hp, plus 10 more on N Grin Shift overboost

  • Model gets loads of N features including chassis bracing, DCT

Hyundai fully unveiled the hot version of the Elantra overnight in Seoul. The Elantra N will make 280 hp from the same engine as the Veloster N, and come loaded with other performance add-ons that should make this a fun sport compact. It will also get a new N-specific user interface for the infotainment system that gives you all of the data you’ll need on the track.

The automaker says that the Hyundai Elantra N is “dedicated to those who relax at the sound of rev, who see the apex in every corner, who smile at the double curve sign,” and while that sounds corny as can be, it also sounds an awful lot like us.

So what does the latest N offer? It starts with that 2.0L turbo-four making 280 hp and 289 lb-ft of torque. The turbocharger’s wheel is 5 mm larger than previous versions of the engine and there are some other tweaks in the name of durability. N Grin Shift allows a temporary boost to 290 hp.

The only gearbox is an eight-speed wet dual-clutch box and Hyundai says it’ll crack 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. Strangely, the press release mentions several features that are only found on the DCT cars but it doesn’t make mention of a manual box. So there may still be some inner fighting over a three-pedal model.

More than 40 N changes are made to the car, and that includes the electronic limited-slip N Corner Carving differential. A variable valve exhaust is fitted to let you pick your volume, and launch control helps you make the most of it all.

Larger 360mm front brakes have special pads Hyundai says gives the N best in class stopping. They also have a cooling hole and air guidance to help keep them running fresh even on track.

New dual-compound bushings help boost handling while maintaining ride and noise quality, with a new integrated drive shaft, hub and bearing inspired by World Rally cars cuts weight and, Hyundai says, adds strength.

Strut tower bracing and other reinforcements stiffen the body, and Michelin PS5S tires on 19-inch wheels take care of the grip.

The Elantra N has one of the stranger features we’ve seen to date, an equaliser for the enhanced engine sounds. You can tweak the different qualities of the piped-in engine sound you’ll hear in the car, something Hyundai ironically says ” allows the driver to hear a more realistic and dynamic engine sound.” The actual exhaust is still tuned to pop, crackle, and bang while you’re on the move.

Hyundai has reworked the Elantra N’s body and aero package including a new front fascia and red N striping. There’s a rear wing as well. On the inside, the N gets sports seats and pedals with N touches. An optional N bucket seat adds even more bolstering, cuts thickness, and lowers the driver. Call that one helmet ready.

Lastly, the new infotainment system, which adds a lap timer as well as a track map that gives you impressive levels of telemetry on the circuit. Important data like oil and coolant temperatures are shown on the display as well. In Korea, the cars will add a ranking system for each of the country’s tracks, showing off your lap times against other Hyundai drivers.

Now all we’re waiting for is to find out how much and when the car will arrive in Canada and the U.S.





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