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Reviews 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel Review: The Better Luxury SUV

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel Review: The Better Luxury SUV

If you’ve got $70,000 to spend, you’re probably in the market for a full-size truck like this 2022 Ram 1500

  • Base pricing for the Ram 1500 starts at $47,945 in Canada, and $35,200 in the US.

  • The Ram 1500 line has a version for all tastes.

  • A full-size pickup is North America’s Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class.

In our truck-obsessed market, we are so used to seeing full-size pickups that they are all but invisible. Except for a Ford Raptor or a Ram TRX, we pay them no mind but if we happen to spot a new Porsche 718 Cayman, we’ll take notice. Crazy thing is that the average Ram 1500 and the Porsche trade for about the same amount.

Premium SUV transaction prices

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Retail prices for the 2022 Ram vary from about $50,000 to over $100,000 and based on the sheer amount of Laramie and Longhorn 1500s that can be spotted on the road every day, it’s safe to presume that the average transaction price hovers in the $70,000s.

This is hefty sum is enough to purchase an Audi Q7 or nearly enough to get a new Acura MDX Type S but for many, they just won’t do. And with an exception or two, these full-size light-duty trucks do everything well or better. The downsides are excessive fuel consumption and well, they’re big.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: MAtt St-Pierre

But beyond these snags, the reality is that a Ram 1500 really is the ultimate all-in-one vehicle. Frankly, so true is this that I can easily foresee truck sales exploding when the electric Ram, Chevy Silverado EV, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Rivian R1T will become readily available.

Looks and capabilities

Based on looks, the Ram 1500 Rebel is the sports car of pickups. Easily mistaken for the TRX, a good thing, it projects attitude and a considerable amount of self-confidence. It is by far the trim to select, over any chrome-laden version. The black grille, unique wheels, aggressive tires, tow hooks, bash shield, it’s all there.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

MHEV power

Incidentally, the Rebel also features Bilstein performance shocks, an electronic shift-on-the-fly part-time transfer case, and an ELocker electronic-locking rear differential for some serious off-road chops. It’s also got the power to make things happen. Fitted with the 5.7-litre HEMI V8, the Ram can tow and haul effortlessly.

As tested, the Hydro Blue 1500 features the optional eTorque MHEV technology which can deliver an instantaneous 130 lb.-ft. boost of torque. It is supposed to improve fuel efficiency on paper, but, well, no, it does not. As part of the available GT Package, a cold air intake is added under the bonnet and, in a nutshell, the V8’s roar is as giggle-inducing as it will be responsible for tears streaming from your eyes as you fuel up.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Driving the Ram 1500 Rebel is simply great. Sure, it’s big but with a sufficient amount of wherewithal, it’s no more imposing than a Jeep Grand Cherokee L. The latter however doesn’t get the delicious and powerful V8.

Here then, we have a truck that can, as spec’d, tow 12,750lbs and haul 2,700lbs that rides comfortably and quietly – unless you’re on the throttle. And then it gets better.

Loaded and luxurious, not to mention spacious

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The Ram 1500 Rebel includes a huge array of standard features. They include a 12-inch touchscreen display with Uconnect5, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, power front seats, remote keyless entry and start, and much more. Though complete or nearly, the GT package adds leather, cooled front seats, and other items. The bottom line here is that short of front massaging seats, few premium similarly-priced luxury SUVs are as well equipped.

As always, Stellantis loads up on quality and design for its cabins. The Ram 1500 is no different and the crew cab is huge. There’s more than enough width to the rear bench to fit three adults, or two kid seats plus a teenager in the middle. There’s storage everywhere and the front perches a large and comfortable. The Ram’s interior compares very favorably to most luxury SUVs’.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The GT Package, yet again, also brings with it a floor console with an actual shifter, one that looks lifted from the psycho TRX. The group bolts some paddle shifters onto the steering wheel. Basically, this is a sport-luxury-full-size truck.

Luxury trucks

Considering all of this, it’s easy to see why the 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel is a common-enough sight. The tested vehicle, priced at $82,450, is unlimited in ability and capability. The price tag is eye-watering, but the fact is that you may never need another vehicle.

Ford, GM, and Toyota all have their own premium truck versions but based on interior aesthetics, the Ram comes out on top. And you might be surprised that the new Tundra is pretty damn impressive too and would be a close second.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel GT | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

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