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NewsYour 2023 Dodge Challenger Can be 14 Colours

Your 2023 Dodge Challenger Can be 14 Colours

For a limited time, your new 2023 Dodge Challenger can feature every colour offered

  • That’s not a typo: Buyers can select a multi-colour wrap.

  • It costs $3,700 US.

The 2023 model year is shaping up to be a really big one for Dodge and both the Charger and Challenger. They will be available in a number of special editions each celebrating one or more aspects of the legendary muscle cars. One of the best aspects will be the colour palette which will feature no fewer than 14 shades. And because Dodge cares, you can get them all on one car.

2023 Dodge Challenger Wrap | Photo: Dodge

We’re all huge Dodge Challenger fans here and love to occasionally configure one online. Some elements are obvious: 392, widebody, 6-speed Tremec manual transmission, and the Shaker hood. When it comes to picking one colour for the car, the choice isn’t as obvious. And it will only get worse for 2023.

Classic favorites include Plum Crazy, F8 Green, Sublime, Octane Red, Frostbite, and there are ten more to choose from. However, if you’re quick enough, Dodge, through DodgeGarage and in partnership with CG Detroit, is offering a single wrap that features all 14 colours. That’s right, it’ll also feature B5 Blue, Go Mango, Sinamon Stick, Torred, Triple Nickel, Destroyer Grey, Granite, Pitch Black, and White Knuckle stripes.

The wrap isn’t inexpensive at $3,700 US, but it certainly will be original. You’ll have to find a certified 3M installer get it done so check out dodgegarage.

2023 Dodge Challenger Wrap | Photo: Dodge
2023 Dodge Challenger Wrap | Photo: Dodge


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