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News2023 Ford Mustang Gets Short Run, No Shelby GT500

2023 Ford Mustang Gets Short Run, No Shelby GT500

2023 Ford Mustang might be an extra-rare ride

  • No Shelby for at least a few years after 2022

  • 2023 Ford Mustang could be a rare pony

Looking for the 2023 Ford Mustang and not the new one that Ford showed off this week? Better act fast, and if you’re looking for a Shelby GT500 you might already have missed your chance.

It’s common for a short model year run leading up to the early launch of a new model, and the Ford Mustang won’t be any different there. News of the short 2023 run was first reported on by Muscle Cars and Trucks and confirmed by Motor Authority.

It’s not clear exactly when the 2023 model year will finish and the 2024 (and the new Mustang) will start, but we’re expecting the new cars sometime next summer.

We also now know that there won’t be a Shelby GT500 for the 2023 model year. There probably also won’t be one for 2024, since Ford normally waits at least a year or two after a new model for the special ones (including the Shelbys) to make their appearance.

That leaves Mach 1 as the top Ford Mustang for 2023. It’s the 470hp version of the car, rather than 760 hp of the GT500.

One thing is making the 2023 model run even shorter. Ford is behind on 2022 Mustang production due to closures of the Flat Rock plant where the cars are built. Ford lost nine weeks of production, following 13 weeks behind in 2021. Catching up on those 2022 cars will lead to the 2023 model year starting later than normal.



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