Wednesday, September 22, 2021
News 2023 Ford Ranger teased, but still camouflaged

2023 Ford Ranger teased, but still camouflaged

Ford released teaser images of the 2023 Ranger, while rumour of a Ranger Raptor in North America grow stronger

  • Ford released a series of teaser images showing a camouflaged 2023 Ranger driving offroad

  • The new Ranger should have a more rugged look than the current model

  • Official launch is due sometimes this fall, with sales beginning in 2022

While some spy shots have been circulating for a while, Ford released official photos and a video showcasing the 2023 Ranger today.

These pictures don’t reveal a great deal of information about the appearance of the upcoming vehicle since it is still wearing its prototype camouflage.

Something we can see are the headlights, which will adopt a more vertical appearance, similar to the current F150 but also strangely close to the GMC Sierra.

The general shape of the front end seems to imply a boxier, more imposing look, which is a growing trend in truck design.

While no information has been released on this subject yet, the 2023 Ranger is expected to keep the same mechanicals used in the current generation. This means the 2.3L Ecoboost will be carried over, perhaps with a power increase in order to match its output in the Bronco (275 Horsepower with regular grade fuel and 300 hp with premium fuel).

The same goes for the cab configurations, SuperCab and SuperCrew should still be on the menu.

2023 Ford Ranger teaser 2
2023 Ford Ranger teaser Photo: Ford

2023 could also see the Ranger Raptor finally landing on American shores. Since the name was trademarked in the US in 2018, enthusiasts have been waiting for the little brother to the F150 Raptor to be sold here.

The current generation Ranger Raptor, sold in Australia, won’t be sold in North America, but that seems likely to happen with the next one, according to a leaked document communicated to CarExpert.

If this info is to be trusted, the Ranger Raptor would use the same 2.7L Ecoboost V6 as the Bronco and could be introduced during 2022.

Source: CarExpert via Le Guide de l’Auto


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