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News 2023 Honda HR-V: The First Official Images

2023 Honda HR-V: The First Official Images

Honda unveiled the next generation of the North American Market HR-V.

  • Honda released a couple of images and a video showcasing the new HR-V in North American Spec

  • The 2023 HR-V will be larger than its predecessor

  • More details will be known before the HR-V arrives on sale this summer

Honda revealed the appearance of the new generation of the HR-V subcompact crossover today in a couple of images and a video.

The 2023 Honda HR-V is an all-new model, since it will now share its platform with the Civic instead of the smaller Fit, as was previously the case.

This means that the new HR-V will be bigger than its predecessor in many ways, mainly regarding the wheelbase and the width.

According to Honda, this will give the new model a more refined feel that will complement its driving dynamics, which are said to be improved. This improvement is due in large part to a new independent rear suspension and a more responsive powertrain.

2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda
2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda

Speaking of which, Honda has yet to release details about the engines and transmissions that will be available in the new HR-V. The Japanese market version is powered exclusively by hybrid powertrains, which could be the case here as well, but since the company didn’t confirm it and there doesn’t appear to be any “Hybrid” badges on the exterior of the vehicle, it is unlikely.

Instead, the HR-V could be powered by the same 2.0L engine which is found under the hood of the entry-level versions of the Civic since it will share the same basic platform. The all-wheel drive system is currently optional on the base model and this will probably be true of the new version as well.

2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda
2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda

In terms of appearance, the 2023 HR-V shows some ressemblance to the Civic, notably in the standard LED headlamps and taillamps, which share a similar overall shape. The low belt-line is said to improve the visibility.

More details are expected to come from Honda in the coming months, since this model is set to go on sale in the summer of 2022.

2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda
2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda

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