Tuesday, July 5, 2022
News 2023 Pagani C10 Leaked. Maybe

2023 Pagani C10 Leaked. Maybe

This might be the new Pagani. It's complicated

  • Instagram post said to be latest model from Pagani

  • Post quickly disappeared, with the account posting it going too

This is the latest model from Pagani, just the third car from the company in its 30 years of existence. Or at least it might be because the posting that allegedly leaked the Pagani C10 has quickly disappeared.

A single grainy image of the 2023 Pagani C10 was posted to Instagram. Auto Evolution reports that the image is purported to have come from a 2019 customer presentation and wasn’t supposed to be seen by the public.

That’s how the grain is being explained, at least, because even the company’s richest customers can’t exactly just snap a photo during a presentation without the risk of losing their spot on the company’s list of who gets to buy the latest and greatest.

But since the image and the Instagram account that posted it have both been deleted, it makes it tough to verify how accurate the image is. It does seem to fit into Pagani’s design language, though, so even if it isn’t the C10, it could easily be a modified new Huayra version.

Here’s what we do know for sure, though. The V12-powered C10 will be the last non-hybrid car from Pagani, and it will use that modified AMG-sourced engine. The car will offer a manual gearbox as well as an automated transmission. Lastly, Pagani plans to build 300 of them, and they’re said to already be sold out. Expect separate reveal events (one for the coupe, one for the roadster) to take place sometime this year.


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