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News2024 Chevrolet Camaro Gets Panther-Inspired Collector's Edition

2024 Chevrolet Camaro Gets Panther-Inspired Collector’s Edition

Say goodbye to the Chevy Camaro

  • The car’s original code name was Panther

  • This is the farewell to the sixth-gen Camaro

Chevrolet is saying goodbye to the sixth-generation Camaro with yet another special edition. It’s called the Collector’s Edition and it has a big shout-out to the very first-ever Chevrolet Camaro launched back in 1967.

When Chevrolet was developing that first Camaro, they called it the Panther. Though the name never saw production, Chevrolet wants to honour it today. So the 2024 Camaro Collector’s Edition will be finished in Panther Black Metallic and Panther Black Matte paint jobs.

“We found it fitting for this Collector’s Edition Camaro to officially recognize the significance of the original code name and share it with Camaro enthusiasts,” said Rich Scheer, design director, Chevrolet Performance.

LT, RS, LT1, and SS trims get metallic paint with satin black accent stripes and 20-inch wheels. They all get the 1LE’s front splitter and the coupes will get a ZL1 rear spoiler.

Chevrolet will also build 350 copies of the Collector’s Edition in ZL1 trim. The 650 hp models get the first matte finish on a factory Camaro. They also get the 1LE front splitter and coupes wear a 1LE rear wing. All 350 of the ZL1 models get a serialized steering wheel badge.

Another cool perk for ZL1 buyers is a special watch. Each buyer gets a Canfield Sport 45mm watch from Shinola that matches their car’s number in the sequence. The watch also has a Camaro logo on the face and a panther on the band.

Every Collector’s Edition gets special front fender script badges and a panther ont he steering wheel. There is also a special set of floor mats. And every buyer gets a welcome kit that comes with two posters featuring the Camaro.

Orders open June 15th, with LT coupe models from $32,495 in the U.S. and $38,495 for convertible.



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