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News2024 Ford E-Transit Offers 32 Percent More Range

2024 Ford E-Transit Offers 32 Percent More Range

E-Transit upgraded for 2024

  • More range, quicker charging for best-selling work van

  • Transit van celebrates 10 years in North America

Ford has just given the E-Transit a boost. A new battery pack for the electric 2024 Ford Transit model provides more range and helps celebrate 10 years since Ford brought its Euro cargo van to North America.

Last year’s Ford E-Transit van had to get by with a 64 kWh battery pack. The small pack helped keep the cost down, for the business that used them, but it only offered 203 km of range for the low roof model and even less for medium and high roof units.

Ford’s internal data, which analyzed 30 million miles of E-Transit driving and 2.5 million trips, said that this was well above the 120 km average work van drives in a day. Still, the automaker wanted to help do more.

That more comes in the way of a new 89 kWh battery pack option. It offers up to 32 percent more range than the smaller pack, now up to 254 km for the low-roof model. More importantly for many commercial customers, it allows more onboard power use. For accessories including equipment and refrigeration. The longer range E-Transit will still offer 266 hp and 317 lb-ft, the same as the old one.

Another boost comes by way of faster charging. The 2024 E-Transit gets dual onboard chargers and can now take on power at 176 kW. That’s enough to add 107 km of range in 15 minutes, 49 percent quicker than the old pack. A 0-100 percent charge takes just six hours and 11 minutes, 22 percent faster than before, on an 80A Level 2 charge station.

Order books open this Spring. Ford says that pricing for the 2024 E-Transit starts from $73,690 in Canada, and that it may qualify for some commercial vehicle EV incentives.



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