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News2024 Ford Maverick Said to Drop Standard Hybrid Power

2024 Ford Maverick Said to Drop Standard Hybrid Power

Maverick pickup making some production-based changes

  • Ford reportedly swapping base engines to meet demand

  • 2024 Maverick orders open later this month

Ford will be swapping out the standard engine on the Maverick compact pickup for 2024, according to a new report. The 2024 Ford Maverick will no longer have a hybrid engine as the default option, with a gas-only unit replacing it.

The news, reported by Ford Authority, isn’t the substantial change to the Ford Maverick it might seem at first. There are no new powerplants, and none are going away. But the report says that Ford is making the 2.0L Ecoboost four-cylinder the standard engine and making the 2.5L hybrid drive system a no-cost option. Previously, the 2.5L was standard but the 2.0 was a no-cost option.

There’s a simple explanation, and it’s one we’ve heard plenty over the last three years: supply chain. Ford is said to be having trouble getting enough hybrid drivelines to meet demand.

During the 2023 model year, Ford was already telling customers that opting for the Ecoboost instead of a hybrid would help get their trucks built and delivered more quickly.

This change is likely to affect U.S. buyers only, and not Canadian customers. The reason is that in America, the 2.0L four is offered with front-wheel drive. In Canada, the Ecoboost is AWD-only, and the 2.5L hybrid turns only the front wheels in both countries.

Orders for the 2024 Ford Maverick pickup are set to open in a couple of weeks, with deliveries later in the year.



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