Monday, March 27, 2023
News 2024 Ford Mustang Starts From $30k

2024 Ford Mustang Starts From $30k

  • Base Mustang from $30,090 plus destination

  • GT V8 starts from $41,495

2024 Ford Mustang pricing has sneaked out ahead of the next-generation car’s launch. The prices are up slightly across the board, with a V8 Mustang GT starting at a little under $45,000.

The pricing leaked early yesterday morning via a Ford Mustang forum, but was later confirmed by Ford to several outlets. So the figures are legit.

A base Ford Mustang EcoBoost will start from $30,090. That’s a jump from the $27,770 the Blue Oval is asking for a base 2023 Mustang, but since the $1,595 10-speed automatic is now standard, it’s not that much of a jump.

For a 2024 Ford Mustang GT Fastback, the cheapest way to get into the V8, you’re looking at $41,495. That’s about $1,600 more than last year, cementing the Mustang as one of the last performance values on the market.

Step up to the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse and you’re looking at $57,970. It’s a big jump over the $48k or so that Chevrolet wants for a Camaro SS 1LE, but the price is comparable to Ford’s Mustang Mach 1 that the Dark Horse is essentially replacing.

A convertible will be offered on the base and GT models, but only on the Premium trim grades. Premium is $36,445 on EB and $46,015 on GT, with the convertible top adding about $5k to each.

The EcoBoost four-pot Mustang makes 315 hp for 2024, while the GT and its 5.0L V8 makes 480. The Dark Horse has upgraded engine internals and 500 hp from its five-oh.



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