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Reviews2024 Toyota Prius Review: My New Peoples’ Car

2024 Toyota Prius Review: My New Peoples’ Car

If you want a new car, shop the Toyota Prius first

– The 2024 Prius offers impressive fuel efficiency and a surprisingly fun driving experience.

– Advanced features, sleek design, it’s amazing.

– The Prius combines practicality with excitement, making it an excellent choice for various drivers.

Last summer, I kicked off my review of the all-new 2023 Toyota Prius Prime by drawing a line between two types of car enthusiasts. There’s the one who drools over Ferraris, Paganis, Lamborghinis, and the like, and then there’s the one who’s just genuinely passionate about all things automotive, regardless of brand, make, or power. If you’re curious, you can check out that review on our channel, Motor Illustrated.

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Fast forward to today, and here I am with another fifth-generation Toyota Prius. This car has been doing all sorts of weird things to me—in a good way. I touched on many points in my review of the Prime plug-in hybrid, and despite my skepticism about plug-in hybrids, I absolutely loved the car. The extra weight of the battery and inefficiencies in colder weather usually put me off, but the Prius Prime won me over.

The only reasonable car I would replace my Golf with

Now, picking up this latest 2024 Toyota Prius AWD Limited, a thought crossed my mind. When people ask about my dream car, I’ve always answered the same since 2009: the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. I even bought one brand new in 2018. Another dream car of mine was the Civic Type R, but that’s another story. A year and a half ago, Volkswagen wanted to buy back my Golf due to the crazy market, but I stopped them cold. “You’ve got nothing that interests me,” I said. Sure, the GTI and the Golf R are great, but they didn’t seem worth the $35,000-$40,000+ price tag at the time.

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

But then, driving home in this Maximum Yellow Toyota Prius Limited all-wheel drive, I thought, “Holy crap, this could be it.” This could be the replacement for my Golf, my attainable dream car. And I’m not exaggerating. The 2024 Prius is just fantastic for all the right reasons.

There’s only one tiny thing that bugs me, and it’s not even about the car itself—it’s the Maximum Yellow color. I’ve owned yellow cars before, but as I’m getting older, I think I’d prefer Reservoir Blue or Supersonic Red. These colors are available on the base model, by the way. Speaking of models, this Prius comes in three trims: the base, XLE, and Limited.

You should want one too

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Let me get to the punchline: if you’re shopping for a compact sedan with a budget around $40,000 and don’t want to blend in with all the SUVs, just get a Prius. Seriously, get a Prius. I’ve liked previous generations, but this one is something special.

Let’s talk details. The 2024 Prius starts, with AWD standard, at $37,500 for the base XLE, which includes an 8-inch display, smart key, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM, heated front seats, and steering wheel, and 19-inch wheels. The top trim Limited, like the one I’m driving, is $43,750. It’s loaded with features like heated and cooled front seats, a glass roof, a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, heated rear seats, and much more.

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Inside, the attention to detail is impressive. The seats are comfortable with good bolstering, and the soft-touch materials feel premium. The dashboard layout is intuitive, with hard buttons for HVAC and heated/cooled seats, and a responsive touchscreen. Visibility is excellent, giving a cab-forward feel thanks to the large windshield and thin pillars.

You’ll love driving it

Now, let’s get into the driving experience. This Prius is not just a hybrid—it’s like a sports car in disguise – true story. I picked up a friend this week, and he didn’t even realize it was a Prius until he saw the badge. The car has a sleek, modern design with details like perfectly sized wheel arches that wrap around the tires beautifully.

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The driving dynamics are where this Prius truly shines. It’s equipped with a 2.0L Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors, delivering a combined 196 horsepower. It’s responsive and surprisingly fun to drive. The steering is light but communicative, and the brake pedal feel is satisfying. The multi-link rear suspension and 19-inch wheels provide a comfortable and controlled ride. The car is fairly squat and wide meaning that it’s not scared of being tossed into corners and bends – in fact, I think it likes it.

Fuel efficiency is another highlight. Toyota claims 4.8 litres per 100 kilometers combined, and I’m averaging about 5.5, which is still impressive. My returned average is the result The Prius can also do 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds—not bad for a hybrid.

This is the only non-sports compact car I would consider

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Cars are slowly dying and although the remaining compact and midsize sedans are generally good, with the exception of the Corolla hybrid AWD and new 2025 Camry, no other car delivers this much good for under $40,000. When a base bare-bones Honda Civic start at $27,000 (!!!) and a hum-drum base Nissan Altima starts at nearly $32,000, $37,650 is almost a bargain.

The 2024 Toyota Prius is an exceptional car in every respect. It’s no wonder it’s winning awards left and right. It combines efficiency, performance, handling, and styling in a way that could makes it a serious contender for my next daily driver. If you’re in the market for a new car, give the Prius a try. You might be as pleasantly surprised as I am.

2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2024 Toyota Prius | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


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