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2024 Toyota Sienna Quick Review: Top Four Reasons Why I’m Going to Need One

Here’s why I keep coming back to the Toyota Sienna: It’s the minivan that keeps on giving

– The 2024 Sienna Hybrid offers exceptional fuel efficiency with under 7 litres per 100 kilometres.

– It boasts a spacious interior with up to 3,000 litres of cargo space.

– Standard features include a 9-inch display, heated seats, and power sliding doors.

If you’ve been following my reviews on the Motor Illustrated YouTube channel, you might know that I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with the Toyota Sienna. This marks my fifth and certainly not the last time driving this minivan since I first got behind the wheel at the regional launch event in Ontario back in November 2020. Over the years, I’ve taken the Sienna on numerous family vacations, clocking thousands of kilometres, and it remains one of my top picks for a family vehicle.

2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Here are four key reasons why the 2024 Toyota Sienna Hybrid continues to impress me.

  1. Stylish Yet Practical Design

First off, let’s talk about the styling. For a minivan, the Sienna is quite the looker. With its wide front grille and bold character lines, it’s certainly unique in the segment, one that is not typically known for aesthetics. While the Chrysler Pacifica might edge it out slightly in the looks department, and the updated Kia Carnival might be a bit too flashy for some, the Sienna strikes a great balance. Toyota has kept the color options simple with black, white, and Celestial Silver for the base LE. Moving up the trim ladder unlocks Blueprint, Sunset Bronze, and Ruby Flare, the latter being my personal favorite.

Pricing for the 2024 Sienna starts at $44,950 for the LE front-wheel drive, which has seen a significant price bump from its original $39,990 in 2021. The LE all-wheel drive model, which I recently drove, retails for $46,750. The top trim Limited hits a hefty $63,150, but it comes loaded with all the features.

  1. Spacious and Versatile Interior

2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

One of the biggest draws of the Sienna is its spacious interior. Open up the hatch, and you get 949 litres of cargo space behind the third row. Fold down the second row, and that expands to nearly 2,200 litres. If you’re feeling adventurous and physically remove the second-row seats, you can access over 3,000 litres of space, although I doubt many will go to that extent.

The sliding doors and seats ensure there’s always plenty of room, making it perfect for family road trips. Whether it’s a quick grocery run or a long-haul vacation, the Sienna’s space is versatile, accommodating, and incredibly welcoming.

  1. Generous Standard Features

2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

For a minivan priced under $47,000, the Sienna comes well equipped. Standard features include a heated steering wheel, heated seats, power sliding doors, a 9-inch display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a triple-zone HVAC system. The level of standard equipment is almost perfect, catering to the needs of a modern family.

Storage solutions are another highlight. Toyota has thought of everything, from decent door bins to a handy shelf above the glove compartment for sunglasses, wallets, and phones. Additional ports and clever storage spaces make the Sienna incredibly practical for everyday use.

  1. Impressive Fuel Efficiency and Driving Experience

2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Finally, let’s talk about the driving experience. The Sienna’s hybrid powertrain, which includes a 2.5L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine paired with an eCVT, isn’t built for speed but excels in fuel efficiency. Over the years and thousands of kilometres, I’ve averaged under 7 litres per 100 kilometres religiously, even when fully loaded with family and luggage. Toyota’s official figures are 6.7 litres per 100 kilometers for the all-wheel drive and 6.6 litres for the front-wheel drive, which align with my real-world experience.

Despite its hybrid setup, the Sienna delivers a comfortable and competent driving experience. However, I’d advise against the XSE trim due to its sport-tuned suspension, which sacrifices some of the comfort found in other trims. The larger wheels and stiffer suspension make the ride less forgiving, so if comfort is a priority, stick with the other trims.

Bonus Round: What Could Be Improved?

2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

As much as I love the Sienna, there are a couple of things I’d like to see improved. The XLE front-wheel drive model includes intelligent doors locks and a power hatch, which are essential features for a family vehicle. Unfortunately, stupidly I might add (though I understand it’s to upsell buyers), the XLE is not available with all-wheel drive. To get all of the above, buyers need to get an XSE or, in my case, a Limited for about $15,000 more. If Toyota Canada could offer an XLE all-wheel drive for just under $50,000, it would undoubtedly be a big hit, but the bottom line is that the Sienna sells itself. I know, I want one but can’t deal with the idea of waiting at least a year to get one.

All of this adds up to one obvious conclusion: The 2024 Toyota Sienna Hybrid remains my top pick in the minivan segment. Despite a few minor gripes, it’s a vehicle that I always look forward to driving, whether for a review or a family road trip.

My new life will require seating for six – I going to need a Sienna.

2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2024 Toyota Sienna | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


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