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News2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe Priced at $104,000 All In

2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe Priced at $104,000 All In

The all-new 2025 GV80 Coupe defacto becomes the automaker’s sport and luxury flagship

– The 2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe, priced at $104,000, blends luxury with high performance.

– Equipped with a 409-hp twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the GV80 Coupe is a powerhouse.

– Genesis’ all-inclusive pricing and advanced technologies makes it the top model for the automaker.

Genesis Motors Canada has unveiled the pricing and packaging details for the first-ever GV80 Coupe, set to launch in July 2024. Priced at $104,000, the GV80 Coupe offers a unique blend of luxury and performance, and in many ways sets the tone for things to come from the premium Korean automaker.

2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Genesis Motors has experienced significant growth in Canada since its launch in 2016. Initially, the brand offered a limited volume of vehicles to ensure a high-quality guest experience. By 2020, with the introduction of the GV80 and GV70, sales volume tripled, reflecting the increasing popularity of the brand and the need for SUVs for true volume numbers.

As of 2024, Genesis expects to achieve a total of 30,000 sales in Canada over the eight-year period. The G70 sport sedan has been a major contributor, representing one-third of sales, despite rumors of its discontinuation. Genesis’ all-inclusive pricing model, coupled with five years of service and maintenance with valet service, have been key factors in its success, along with partnerships with Forbes for service standards.

One version and it’s loaded at $104,000

2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The 2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe feature a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 with a 48V electric supercharger, delivering 409 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque – the same

The all-new 2025 GV80 Coupe defacto becomes the automaker’s sport and luxury flagship

engine found in the G90 sedan. The GV80 Coupe comes equipped with a range of advanced technologies, including a 27-inch OLED display, Digital Key, and a comprehensive seasonal care plan that includes 20-inch Michelin winter tires, storage, and installation services for five years.

The GV80 Coupe is available in 10 exterior colors, including the exclusive Bering Blue, and offers four interior color combinations such as Vanilla Beige and Ultramarine Blue. The vehicle boasts a distinctive design with features like the Double Mesh G-Matrix Crest Grille, coupe-exclusive 22-inch wheels, and LED surface-emitting rear combination lamps. The interior is equally impressive, with real carbon fibre accents, a crystal-like Shift By Wire system, and a two-tone D-cut steering wheel. The inclusion of sport driving modes and Active Sound Design further the seamless blending of performance and ultra-luxury in this one vehicle.

Product is one thing; the experience is another

Genesis St-Laurent | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The Genesis Retail Experience (GRX) program has played a pivotal role in the brand’s growth. With 15 stores currently operating and a total of 30 points of sale, Genesis Canada offers an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to complete any part of the acquisition and ownership journey at a GRX center or a location of their choice. The largest GRX center in the country is located in St-Laurent. The GRX program emphasizes space, comfort, and even fragrance to enhance the customer experience. Genesis’ focus on transparency and customer convenience, such as online sales, at-home test drives, and comprehensive packaging, continues to set it apart in the luxury automotive market.

Coming in hot Magma

Genesis has also recently introduced its new performance division, Magma, with the debut of the Genesis GV60 Magma Concept at the New York Auto Show. This concept features a striking paint job, enhanced design elements like blacked-out trim, a larger wing, extended wheel arches, titanium-colored 21-inch wheels, and new vents for cooling. Genesis has hinted at improved battery and motor technology, aiming for more speed and power.

Genesis Performance Coupe Could Use Lucid Motors: Report

Magma will become the performance brand for Genesis, with the first production model being the G80 Magma Special, designed exclusively for the Middle East and offering improved driving performance. Future plans include expanding the Magma enhancements across the entire Genesis lineup, ensuring each model receives its own performance and aesthetic upgrades.

We’re quite convinced that a GV80 Coupe Magma is a real possibility (Korean X6 M anybody?) and other more insane models are yet to come. Only last week, we reported that Genesis and Lucid were in talks related to big-power electric motors.

2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


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