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News2025 Range Rover Sport Gets Murdered-Out Stealth Package

2025 Range Rover Sport Gets Murdered-Out Stealth Package

RR Sport loses its shine

  • Black on black on black for RR Sport

  • $10k package not offered with V8

The 2025 Range Rover Sport is going dark. Range Rover is adding a new Stealth Pack that blacks out all the trim, but it also comes with a new satin finish protective film covering.

Black-out trim packages are not new. Even the Toyota Corolla offers one these days. But something about this murdered-out Range Rover Sport still looks good.

The Stealth Pack starts with Carpathian Grey Satin paintwork that’s protected by a satin protective film. It’s the first time that an RR Sport has gotten a satin film in an option pack, and it gives you the protection of a traditional paint protective film but works with the matte grey paint instead of looking all shiny.

Gloss Narvik Black finishes on the hood vents, lower bumpers, and side sills might pop instead of blending in. The contrast is welcome, though, as the RRS might otherwise disappear into the darkness completely like one of those specially equipped cars used for TV and film.

The cabin is fitted with Ebony Windsor Leather, but buyers can flip the script and go for Light Cloud leather instead. Both come with natural black veneers.

Stealth is usually associated with power, like stealth fighters or stealth bombers, but this 2025 RR Sport is sort of lacking there. Instead of Range Rover‘s V8s, it is only available in P400 trim, with a 395 hp 3.0L twin-turbo inline-six. If you want your Johnny Cash-spec Range Rover Sport, it’ll set you back an extra $10,300.



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