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News2025 Toyota 4Runner First Look

2025 Toyota 4Runner First Look

4Runner better get 4 running!

  • Toyota teases latest SUV at the end of a slide show

  • Does that easter egg hint at October 8?

Want a sneak peek at the next-generation Toyota 4Runner? Toyota will make you look through a slideshow, but there at the end is a good look at a brand new tail.

The Toyota slideshow starts by looking at each generation of the iconic 4Runner, from the time you could remove half of the cabin right up to the present. But then you skip ahead once more, and there they are—the iconic letters in chrome script.

Toyota isn’t giving us much to work with, but there are some things we can assume. Like that it will be the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. We expect this one to go on sale before the end of the year.

We’re also expecting a hybrid, likely with the 2.4T that you’ll find in the Toyota Tacoma. Because these models have long shared a frame, and this one probably will too.


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Then there’s the fan forums, where things are getting a bit unhinged. They think the plate, which reads LUS 282 means Lands in the U.S. in 282 days, for example. That would be Jan 4, 2025, which is a Saturday and thus highly unlikely to be the day Toyota picks. It could also mean the 282nd day of 2024, which is… a TUESDAY. The new Tacoma was revealed on a Tuesday. This one would be October 8th, which lines up with the Texas State Fair. Toyota’s US home is in Texas, and it’s a big SUV market.

Of course it could mean 282 hp, since the Tacoma makes 278. Or it could just be random. It’s not like faux rear plates for ads are anything new.

We’ll find out exactly what, and what the 2025 4Runner will have in store, later this year.




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