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News2025 Toyota Camry Will Be Revealed November 14th

2025 Toyota Camry Will Be Revealed November 14th

New Camry drops November 14th

  • All-new Camry coming soon

  • Model will get hybrid and AWD for first time

Your love keeps lifting me higher. Higher and Higher. Lifting me higher. Ahem. Sorry about that. We read Toyota’s teaser for the 2025 Camry and got lost in our Ghostbusters II soundtrack references.

Toyota Camry raises to new heights with no compromises.” That’s what the brand is saying about the 2025 Camry in a teaser that announces the new generation of the sedan will make its debut on November 14th.

What does that mean? We’re not sure. It could mean that the Camry is taking on a slightly taller stance. Sort of the same thing Subaru did when it made the Outback from the Legacy and, more directly relevant, the short-lived Legacy Sport Utility Sedan.

Toyota’s image confirms that the Camry will offer a hybrid driveline. That’s no surprise, but what is new here is that AWD badge. The Camry currently offers AWD with its gas-only powertrains, but has never before offered AWD and hybrid drive together.

The current Camry dates back from 2017, and while it’s been refreshed since it is currently one of the automaker’s oldest models.

A previously released teaser for the Camry shows a lighting signature in the front that looks more like the latest Prius. That older teaser read “get ready to go with no compromises,” which again suggests some crossover-like features are coming to the model.

When the full details drop on November 14th, we’ll fill you in immediately. Until then, this is your best look at the 2025 Toyota Camry.




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