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News2025 Volkswagen Golf R Gets More Power, Fewer Pedals

2025 Volkswagen Golf R Gets More Power, Fewer Pedals

Mild refresh for Golf R

  • Golf R gets a baker’s dozen more horses

  • Refresh includes new lights, screen

The 2025 Volkswagen Golf R gets more power from its 2.0L engine, a new unibrow LED front light, and lighter 19-inch wheels. But it won’t have a manual transmission, at least not at launch.

Volkswagen‘s 2025 Golf R changes aren’t huge. The hottest Dub gets an extra 14 hp, but VW doesn’t explain how or why. It’s likely some small revisions to the engine’s tune and maybe a hint more boost.

The car will still have 4Motion all-wheel drive, with torque vectoring that can send power to each of the rear wheels for better cornering performance. It will offer a seven-speed DSG transmission, and that’s all. There’s no third pedal for the Golf R, which, well, makes us sad. At least the GLI still has one.

Volkswagen has fitted new wheels for 2025. The forged 19s are an optional extra and VW says they weigh in at an impressive 8 kilos each. They’re also meant to be better for brake cooling.

Cabin updates include a massive new screen with new graphics and a new menu structure that still won’t be a real replacement for physical buttons. New seats have integrated headrests, and there is an option for blue with carbon-look accents.

Get the R-Performance package and you get a top speed bumped from 250 km/h to 270. More usefully, the car adds a Drift drive mode and a Special drive mode that is tuned specifically for the Nürburgring.

Volkswagen will offer the Golf R as a five-door hatch. Europe gets it as a wagon, which makes us even sadder than the loss of the stick-shift. Sales start July 3rd in Germany.


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