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5 Questions Answered2026 Fisker PEAR : 5 Questions Answered

2026 Fisker PEAR : 5 Questions Answered

The Fisker PEAR is an electric crossover priced at $29,900 before incentives. With a range up to 320 miles, it offers innovative features and is set to begin production in July 2025.


·      The Fisker PEAR is an electric crossover available at a competitive price point of $29,900 before incentives.

·      The vehicle provides two battery options, ensuring versatility with a maximum estimated range of up to 320 miles.

·      Slated for production starting in July 2025, the PEAR boasts innovative storage solutions and emphasizes sustainable design.


1. What is the Fisker PEAR and how is it priced?

The Fisker PEAR is a feature-packed electric crossover vehicle and will represent the second SUV in the manufacturer’s lineup. It’s priced competitively at $29,900 in the US before incentives.

2026 Fisker Pear | Photo: Fisker

2.How far can the PEAR travel on a single charge?

The Fisker PEAR offers two battery options, providing an estimated electric range of either 180 miles or 320 miles, catering to various customers and driving needs.

2026 Fisker Pear | Photo: Fisker

3.How would you categorize the Fisker PEAR, and what notable features does it offer?

The PEAR is an electric crossover SUV designed for versatility. It boasts features like the Fisker Blade High-Performance Computer, a cloud-connected mini data center, and seating for five or six, depending on configuration. It’s also designed with sustainability in mind, using recycled and bio-based materials.

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4.When is the Fisker PEAR production expected to start?

Fisker first unveiled the PEAR on August 3 at its Product Vision Day. The production-intent model was showcased at the Fisker Lounge Munich in September, coinciding with the IAA Mobility 2023 event. Manufacturing and deliveries are anticipated to begin in July 2025.

Fisker Alaska | Photo: Fisker

5.What unique design features does the PEAR offer for storage and convenience?

The PEAR introduces innovative features like a drawer-like front boot, or “froot,” and a Houdini trunk design for easier loading and unloading in tight parking spots. Additionally, it offers a Lounge Mode, where all seats fold flat to create a spacious lounge area.




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