Sunday, October 2, 2022
News 40-millionth Ford F-Series Sold in the U.S. Leaves Dearborn Factory

40-millionth Ford F-Series Sold in the U.S. Leaves Dearborn Factory

40 million F-Series trucks have found their way to US buyers

  • 75-years, 40 million trucks for American buyers

  • Top-selling vehicle in U.S. for 40 years

Ford‘s F-Series has spent the last 40 years as the best-selling vehicle in the USA, and 45 as the best-selling truck. But what does that mean in terms of wheels on the ground? Say hello to the 40 millionth F-Series truck built for sale to a U.S. customer.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Tremor in silver paint is that 40-millionth pickup, a number that absolutely crushes any other vehicle offered in the country. After leaving the Dearborn Truck Plant, Ford says the F-150 is headed to Texas, which is the likely home to a significant portion of all of these F-Series trucks, and will get to work. Though we think that this milestone pickup might see a more kid-gloves treatment than the trucks that rolled off the line ahead of it and behind.

The first F-Series pickup was built in 1947, with the F-1, F-2, F-3, and F-4 trucks going on sale in 1948. Ford brought its 1950 F-1 truck to the plant for some photos with the 40-millionth truck.

How many F-Series has Ford built in total, though? We’re not actually sure. This was 40-million for U.S. customers, but the F-Series has long been a hot seller in many other countries around the world, especially in Canada where it’s been the top-selling truck for an even more impressive 55 years.

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