5 Questions Answered About the 2020 Dodge Barracuda

Dodge Barracuda
Dodge Barracuda

A lot of people are searching for the 2020 Dodge Barracuda.

As we planned our upcoming content for the week late last Friday, we came upon an interesting trend related to the Dodge Barracuda. It appears that the search term “2020 Dodge Barracuda” was exploding on Google. Then we looked at our stats and saw that an article written over a year ago about the Barracuda was getting hundreds of hits every day all week long.

Getting a hundred hits on an article a day isn’t out of the ordinary. Getting a hundred hits on an article written a year ago about the Dodge Barracuda is. So, we figured we would see where Dodge is at with a new Cuda. Turns out, not much progress has been made. Nevertheless, here’s an overview of what we know.

1. Is there a 2020 Dodge Barracuda?

The answer, for now, is unfortunately no. There’s actually been very little info on a new Barracuda since talk of it occurred at an FCA dealer meeting a few years ago. Now, if you search 2020 Barracuda you will find a few dealership sites along with an odd-looking site with very poor writing saying the Cuda is confirmed. It simply isn’t. There’s no 2020 Dodge Barracuda.

2. Should there be a new Barracuda?

Dodge has a few things going for it at the moment, and they all revolved around power and torque. The Challenger outsold the Mustang and Camaro in Q3 despite being a decade older than both. Imagine if Dodge had the Challenger and a new Barracuda. Now that would be something.

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3. What void could a new Barracuda fill?

That’s the question isn’t it? Of course, the Barracuda has always been a Plymouth nameplate that shared the E-Body platform with the Challenger. The main difference between the two was that the Barracuda had a smaller wheelbase and was therefore a smaller vehicle overall. If Dodge wanted to bring back the Barracuda, they could make it as a smaller, more affordable Challenger, but that would be a wasted opportunity we think.

You could make a convertible Challenger and call it a Barracuda, or you could use the name for a much more powerful model that could replace the Viper. It wouldn’t make sense historically, but it would give the name all the love it deserves. They could have a base Barracuda convertible with a V6 and even bring back the Hemi Cuda for an SRT convertible model. Oh the possibilities.

4. If Dodge does unveil a 2020 Barracuda, when could it happen?

This is pure, 100% speculation. That said, if Dodge does decide to build a 2020 Dodge Barracuda, they should unveil it at the North American International Auto Show next summer in Detroit. Yes, the Detroit Auto Show is moving to summer for the first time this year. What better way to ring in the new NAIAS than to bring back a legendary nameplate.

5. Why all of this interest in the 2020 Dodge Barracuda?

So many nameplates of the past came back this year. The Blazer, the Passport, the Supra. People love taking trips down the automotive memory lane and a lot of people who can now afford to buy a cool car dreamed of the Barracuda when it was originally sold. Interest will always be there.

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