Friday, January 28, 2022
News 600 hp Type S Sendoff For Acura NSX

600 hp Type S Sendoff For Acura NSX

This is a heartfelt goodbye to the gen-2 NSX

  • More power from gas and electric for NSX swansong

  • Only 350 units worldwide to mark last year of production


Acura has just debuted the farewell song to the Acura NSX. The 600 hp NSX Type S offers more power, with the automaker saying that aerodynamics and handling are also getting sharpened. The limited-edition will offer GT3-style bodywork in addition to the extra power.

It’s the third Type S that Acura has revealed this year, but it will certainly be the rarest. Just 350 of the cars will be built to celebrate the last year of NSX production, and 300 of those will be sold in the US with 15 bound for Canada.

600 hp from the 3.5L V6 and electric motors is 27 more than the standard car, with 492 lb-ft of torque adding 16 to that total. Changes start with a pair of turbos from the GT3 Evo race car that add 6 percent more boost pressure, and electrical system changes add 20 percent more battery capacity and 10 percent higher battery output.

Acura has retuned the nine-speed dual-clutch automatic for 50 percent quicker upshifts and a new rapid downshift mode. The AWD system is also tweaked to maximize performance.

New wheels increase the track front and rear. Those wheels are wearing new Pirelli P-Zero tires developed specifically for the NSX Type S using advanced modelling tech.

A carbon fibre roof lowers the center of gravity, and if that’s not enough a Lightweight Package adds carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon engine cover, and trims 26.2 kg from the car. Aero add-ons include an aggressive rear diffuser inspired by the NSX Gt3 and other changes to improve how the car cuts through the air as well as how it cools. The new front spoiler, side sills, and diffuser are all carbon fibre.

10 paint shades will be offered, including the Gotham Gray in the photos. That’s Acura’s first matte finish in North America, using a five-layer process that has a matte clear coat instead of glossy. The colour is limited to just 70 of the cars and it will get special shipping treatment and special training for owners on how to care for it.

Lastly, a new Alcantara headliner is fitted, with NSX logos on the headrests, glove compartment, and a few other spots around the cabin.

While the 300 cars built seems like a small figure, it would represent the second-highest year of sales for the car since it returned in 2016. In the last two years, fewer than 130 NSX models were sold in the US. The 2022 Acura NSX Type S will start from $169,500 in the US, or $182,500 with the lightweight package. For Canada, that’s $221,500. It appears that the Type S will be the only 2022 NSX available.

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