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NewsA $50,000 Lucid Electric Sedan Could be Coming in 2025

A $50,000 Lucid Electric Sedan Could be Coming in 2025

Lucid could be working on a third model to add to its lineup later in the decade.

  • Lucid recently hinted at a third model to follow the Air and the Gravity.

  • This will likely be a smaller sedan priced around $50,000 US.

  • Lucid Motors is planning to expand its factory in the next few years.

After having launched two more affordable versions of the Air electric sedan and teased the upcoming Gravity SUV earlier this month, Lucid Motors might be getting to work on its third model.

The small automaker hinted at a more affordable model, which will likely be a sedan sold for around $50,000 in the United States, which would place it squarely against the Tesla Model 3.

In a video published by the company, the third car was seen on a stage next to the Gravity and the Air.

Since it was covered by a tarp, details of the new car weren’t easy to see, but its silhouette was on display.

From what can be seen, this model will adopt more of a fastback shape than the Air due to its different roofline and its smaller proportions.

The fact that the car was on stage means that the design work is probably already well on its way despite the new model not being expected before 2025.

This is because Lucid will have to expand its factory in order to meet the demand for the Air and Gravity before it can add another model to its lineup.

Construction work is already underway at the automaker’s Arizona facility and the goal is to end up with a building that is three times the size of the original in order to make it possible to produce up to 400,000 vehicles per year at this site.

Since Lucid has not officially announced the upcoming sedan, no details about its mechanical or technological aspects are known and further details might have to wait for a while still since most of the company’s efforts are currently spent on the Gravity SUV, which should become available for pre-orders sometime in 2023.


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