Tuesday, October 4, 2022
News A Canadian Company Turns Used Corollas into Electric Pickups

A Canadian Company Turns Used Corollas into Electric Pickups

Upcycle Green Technology is already taking orders for its small electric truck.

  • Upcycle Green Technology is a small company from Prince Edward Island

  • The vehicles are extensively modified 2009 to 2013 Toyota Corollas

  • The company aims to manufacture 100 vehicles during its first year of production in 2023

A small Prince Edward Island (P.E.I) company claims to have found a solution to the lack of small electric utility vehicles on the market.

Upcycle Green Technology is about to launch the production of its first vehicle, which is a small electric pickup truck made by removing the engine and cutting the roof off a 2009-2013 Toyota Corolla.

Two prototypes are already on the road and the company says it has already received orders for about 20 pickup trucks.

The company is primarily targeting small businesses with this vehicle, especially those in construction-related industries such as plumbing.

Although the trucks are priced at C$35,000, which is about $5,000 more than an entry-level Ford Maverick or Chevrolet Colorado, Upcycle Green Technology says they will be more profitable for owners.

Indeed, company engineer Natal Antonini says the average fuel consumption of light trucks in the small province is 15 litres per 100 kilometres, which translates into about $30 to drive 100 kilometres.

He says his company’s electric pickup trucks could cover that same distance for only $2.50, which will recoup the higher purchase price in a short time. The total range will only be 150 kilometres, however, which means that these vehicles will be more suitable for city driving.

Since this is a small company, the expected production rate is not very high with 100 units expected in 2023, but the manufacturer intends to double this number in the following months.

Upcycle Green Technology has a lot of ambition because, in addition to doubling its production rate, it is already thinking of offering another more expensive model with an increased electric range.

Source: CBC

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