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NewsA Dutch Electric Car Can Capture Carbon While Driving

A Dutch Electric Car Can Capture Carbon While Driving

Dutch students have created an EV that can capture airborne CO2.

  • Students engineered this electric vehicle at the Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Filters in the vehicle can absorb about 2 Kg of CO2 over 30,000 km of driving¸

  • The team that created the vehicle is currently showcasing it around the United States

A team of Dutch students has created an electric vehicle capable of capturing airborne CO2 while driving around.

This is possible due to two filters that can capture up to 2 kilograms of CO2 over 30,000 kilometres of driving.

This is better than any other vehicle on the road of course, but it is still negligible since the team estimates it would take about 12 of these vehicles all driving 30,000 kilometres in order to filter out as much carbon as an average of tree does in a year.

The students’ next goal is to improve the capacity of the filters in order to make them more effective at cleaning the atmosphere.

In addition, the team says these filters could be emptied at public charging stations instead of having to be replaced.

As for the car itself, it is a small coupe that is styled to resemble some known sports cars due to its long hood and its short rear end, which is inspired by some Aston Martin Models.

Under its 3D printed body panels made from recycled plastics lies a lithium-ion battery pack similar to the one found in mass-produced electric vehicles.

The filtering technology could be an important breakthrough in terms of sustainable mobility since electric vehicles need to be driven tens of thousands of kilometres before they actually become more sustainable than gasoline-powered vehicles due to the high environmental impact of battery production.

This means that if electric cars can generate a negative carbon footprint, they will be able to compensate for their initial pollution much quicker than is currently possible.

The Dutch team is currently on a tour of US universities, where they will explain the benefits of their new technology to their American colleagues in the hopes of generating more interest and research into carbon-capturing EVs.


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