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NewsA Ferrari – Tesla Partnership is a Very Real Possibility

A Ferrari – Tesla Partnership is a Very Real Possibility

Ferrari and Tesla could join forces to develop the next generation of supercars

  • Ferrari needs to accelerate its development of electric powertrains

  • Tesla could use Ferrari’s expertise to make its Roadster

  • Tesla benefits from more experience with electric cars than any other automakers

Rumours of a partnership between Ferrari and Tesla could turn out to be true since both companies seem to fulfill a need of the other.

Ferrari made itself legendary with its engines as much as with its cars. Unfortunately, strengthening emissions laws and increased public interest in the environment mean the hay days of V12 powered supercars are over and Ferrari will have to develop electric powertrains very quickly if it wants to keep selling cars after 2035, when combustion engines will be banned in many countries.

The problem here is that developing any new technology is expensive, even more so when its an entire change in the philosophy of the whole vehicle and it takes time, both things Ferrari doesn’t have a huge amount of.

Indeed, Ferrari is a pretty small automaker in terms of production volume, that means its financial resources might not be sufficient to tackle the project on its own.

In addition, developing an electric drivetrain that is worthy of being badged with a prancing horse will take some time due to many trials and errors, and 14 years could prove to be insufficient.

This is where Tesla enters the picture. Ferrari’s new CEO recently alluded that the Italian company could look for partners to help the electrification of its supercars and Tesla seems to be a great contender.

Tesla is the leading manufacturer of electric cars in the world and it can count on over 10 years of experience in the domain, which is more than any other automaker.

Furthermore, the Californian company has already proven it can make cars with incredible performance, so not much adaptation would be needed to give electric Ferrari models the same performance as their gasoline powered counterparts.

Tesla would also have something to gain from the partnership: help for its Roadster. For many years, Tesla has been touting the return of its Roadster in a new generation, but this model has been postponed three times already and it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Ferrari could then take charge of the Tesla Roadster project which would benefit from its exotic car-making experience while Tesla could develop an electric powertrain that is fit to be used in a new generation of supercars from Maranello.


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