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News A First Look at the 2023 Honda Civic Type-R

A First Look at the 2023 Honda Civic Type-R

Honda released two pictures of its upcoming Civic Type-R

Honda is quietly preparing the arrival of sportier liveries for its new Civic. The Si sedan will be the first to make its debut in a few weeks, while a Type R is currently in the final development phase.

In fact, the automaker just released two shots of its new high-performance compact. Granted, these two pictures show a Civic Type R made up with a vinyl that shows all the generations of the mythical Type R, but still, these two pictures say a lot about what awaits the fans of the model.

The first thing you notice is the decidedly wider soles of this five-door version, while the rear spoiler, while not discreet, is less massive than the one bolted to the trunk of the outgoing Type R. In the middle of the rear diffuser, three exhaust pipes make the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine sing. This engine should keep the same displacement as the one that has been used for a few years now under the hood of a handful of Honda and Acura products.

The rocker panels are clearly more imposing, as are the air vents on the sides of the industry’s most electrifying Civic. As for the front section, it shows that there will be at least two grills to channel all the oxygen possible to the engine compartment. It remains to be seen whether the bumper will have other openings to ventilate the Brembo disc brakes.

As for the interior, expect to find the same atmosphere as in the 2022 sedan that arrived on the market earlier this summer. However, there will be wraparound seats in the first row, contrasting stitching, a specific gearshift knob and a button to adjust the desired driving style. For the rest, we’ll have to wait for the official unveiling of the car in 2022.

But one thing is certain, the release of these two photos is reassuring for fans of the model. Despite the electric shift that’s currently accelerating, Honda certainly doesn’t want to offend its toughest audience, the one that runs on adrenaline, whether on the road or on a track.

02 2023 Honda Civic Type R - Camo
2023 Honda Civic Type-R | Photo: Honda

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