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NewsA Fully Electric Fire Truck in Arizona in 2022

A Fully Electric Fire Truck in Arizona in 2022

The first electric fire truck will serve in Meza, Arizona

Just ten days ago, we introduced you to the first electric ambulance “made in Quebec”, a vehicle born from the collaboration between Demers Ambulance and Lion Electric, already known for its electric school buses, among others.

The popularity of electric power in the commercial vehicle segment is certainly on the rise, as the city of Mesa, Arizona has just announced that it will acquire the first all-electric fire truck in 2022.

Indeed, the city located in the suburbs of Phoenix, wants to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and to achieve this, the introduction of a purely electric fire truck is a nice way to get there, among many others of course.

The truck, named Vector, is a creation of the E-ONE division, a company of the American group REV, which specializes in the assembly and design of all kinds of commercial vehicles.

The Vector, although it looks like any other fire truck, forgoes its usual mechanics in favor of an electric motor delivering 536 horsepower (or 400 kW), thanks to a battery pack with a capacity of 316 kW. The motor also uses energy regeneration during braking.

The truck is also capable of pumping four hours of water through four hoses simultaneously. E-ONE is ready to accept further orders for municipalities that want to change their fire fighting fleet.


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