Friday, September 30, 2022
News A Glimpse at Acura’s Electric Future, Soon

A Glimpse at Acura’s Electric Future, Soon

Acura teased a concept that will preview its first electric model.

Honda recently showed what to expect from its very first electric vehicle for North America, the Prologue. Remember that in Europe, Honda is already marketing the nice Honda e city car.

But, as for Acura, even though it’s clear that the luxury division’s electric offensive is coming and that it will be carried out in collaboration with General Motors and its Ultium platform, the details surrounding Acura’s very first electric crossover are unclear… at least for now!

Indeed, Acura has just announced that it will finally unveil the electrified design for the years to come with a new Precision EV concept. The press release was accompanied by an image showing the bumper of this concept vehicle with slimmed-down headlights and an illuminated “grille” with the brand’s crest in the middle. The side air intakes are also flanked by these LEDs installed inside a grill.

The concept will be unveiled on August 18 at Car Week in Monterey, California.

On the other hand, we know that Acura’s first EV will be assembled at GM’s Spring Hill plant in Tennessee, alongside the Cadillac Lyriq and other new electric vehicles from the American giant. It remains to be seen whether certain GM technologies will be integrated into the Acura vehicle. We’re thinking of the Super Cruise system, for example.

We’ll have the answer soon enough. See you on August 18 for a proper unveiling.

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