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NewsA GM Design Study Shows a Possible Replacement for the GMC Terrain

A GM Design Study Shows a Possible Replacement for the GMC Terrain

General Motors' design studio showed a drawing of a futuristic GMC SUV, possibly a hint at the replacement for the Terrain.

  • The drawing shows a futuristic EV wearing the GMC and Denali logos

  • The portrayed vehicle looks like a compact SUV

  • It is still very far from a production version since it doesn’t even have doors

The design department of General Motors posted a couple of styling studies to its Instagram page, one of which could hint at a future replacement for the GMC Terrain.

The Terrain is the smallest SUV sold by GMC and it is built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Equinox.

Since the Equinox is being replaced by an electric SUV in 2024, it makes sense that GMC would do the same with the Terrain, perhaps a year or two later.

Indeed, GMC seems to take electrification a little slower than Chevrolet, but since General Motors is betting on electric vehicles to ensure its success, the brand will have to replace its current models with EVs at some point.

After having teased the Sierra EV, its version of the Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC might be working on smaller and more affordable EVs.

A drawing showing a futuristic SUV wearing a GMC logo could be a hint of what to expect from the brand.

The image shows a concept that is very far from the production stage, since it doesn’t even appear to have doors, but these kinds of design studies often preview elements that then make it to production models a few years later.

This means that a future GMC EV could feature a front end similar to the drawing, with large C-shaped daytime running lights and a fake grille decorated by hundreds of three-pointed star.

A detail that will probably not make it to production, however, it the extremely small window area on the side, caused by the low roof and the very high belt line.

Since the automaker hasn’t announced anything about this concept yet, we don’t know when it will materialise, if ever, but if it does turn out to be a replacement for the Terrain, more information should come out soon.


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