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NewsA good look at the upcoming 2024 Kia EV9

A good look at the upcoming 2024 Kia EV9

  • The production model will be entirely revealed at the end of the month.

  • The design is similar to the one unveiled with the concept in 2021.

  • This new electric crossover will be an alternative to the current Telluride.


Preparations are ramping up with the unveiling of the production Kia EV9 scheduled for later this month. And with this another major unveiling for the automaker looking to accelerate its move to electric power, it’s more than fitting to find new videos showing the upcoming production model in a studio with very limited light.

Even though Kia doesn’t reveal many details with these two videos posted on YouTube earlier this week, there are still a few eye-catching elements, like that closed front end paired with those LED headlights and running lights installed in the center of that shield. On the end of the hood, the brand’s new crest is well in place as well.

At the rear, the running lights have a rather complex design with one portion extending to the roof, another running along the rear window towards the center of the tailgate and a third that follows the curve of the electric SUV’s rear quarter panel. The chrome beltline also ties in with the rear marker lights.

What is clear is that the Korean brand’s designers did not try to change the approach of the EV9 concept unveiled in 2021. In fact, even though the brand’s two official videos don’t show the three-spoke wheels that were used on the 2021 concept, videos of the prototype racking up test miles have been circulating on the web in recent days, and the vehicle was equipped with three-spoke wheels, a design that is unique in the industry.

The future three-row electric crossover will certainly play in the same niche as the current Telluride, without a V6 engine under the hood of course. Besides, we shouldn’t expect the gasoline model to be retired in the short term, especially because of the availability of electric vehicles – the supply crisis is far from over – not to mention consumer interest in the electric alternative that may not be as great yet. Some consumers are still hesitant after all.

Based on the same E-GMP (for Electric-Global Modular Platform) as Hyundai’s other dedicated electric vehicles, the Kia EV9 will be unveiled in part (exterior and interior design) in mid-March, while full details will be revealed later this month.


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