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NewsA Mid-sized Hummer Electric Pickup Could Be on the Way

A Mid-sized Hummer Electric Pickup Could Be on the Way

GMC is apparently working on a smaller Hummer electric pickup to compete with Rivian and Ford.

  • The current Hummer pickup is technically classed as a heavy-duty truck due to its weight.

  • A mid-sized truck would compete directly with the Rivian R1T.

  • This project is apparently a high priority for the automaker.

Electric trucks are proving very popular at the moment, with Rivian having over 70,000 orders, GMC having 90,000 orders for the Hummer EV and Ford having 200,000 orders for the F-150 Lightning.

In order to benefit even more from this popularity, GMC is reportedly looking at adding a mid-sized electric pickup to its Hummer lineup.

Hummer was revived as a part of GMC rather than as its standalone brand, which means that GMC and GMC Hummer models are sharing showrooms with each other.

According to sources inside the company that have been interviewed by Automotive News, this project is of high priority for the automaker.

This means that it is possible we will see the addition of a smaller Hummer pickup in only a few years instead of toward the end of the decade.

Few details are known about this future vehicle since the company declined to comment, but rumours say this model could compete directly with the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Considering that GMC is about to introduce its own Sierra EV in order to compete with these same vehicles, this could create some in-fighting once the new Hummer arrives.

To prevent this, the automaker is likely to aim the smaller Hummer at a different public than the Sierra EV. Following in the footsteps of the full-size Hummer EV pickup, the mid-sized model is expected to have a rugged style and it should target buyers who want a more capable vehicle. On the other hand, the Sierra EV is likely to cater to buyers who prefer comfort and luxury in their electric trucks.

A smaller Hummer model could also be a part of General Motors’ strategy to re-enter Europe. Indeed, the company has already said it intends to make an entirely electric return to the continent after having abandoned it a few years ago.

The full-size Hummer is unlikely to sell well in Europe for a number of reasons, including its physical size which could make it impractical on smaller roads. Therefore, a smaller truck that shares the same styling language and similar capabilities could be a good way to attract more interest from European customers.


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