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NewsA Missing ECU is Responsible for long Tesla Delivery Delays

A Missing ECU is Responsible for long Tesla Delivery Delays

Some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y buyers are having to wait for a few weeks after their planned delivery date due to a missing computer.

  • The ECU in control of the charge port on the Model 3 and Model Y is in short supply

  • This leads to additional waiting times that can stretch to a couple of weeks

  • The missing computer is installed by the Service Centers rather than by the factory

Tesla has been able to stay clear of most of the supply issues encountered by almost every automaker in the last two years, but not all of them.

Indeed, some owners are complaining on the Tesla Motors Club forum of having to wait a couple of weeks before taking delivery of their new vehicle due to a missing part.

Apparently, the problem comes from the charge port ECU, which is not one of the numerous parts the automaker makes in-house.

Since this computer is in short supply, Tesla chose to send completed cars to the Service Centers without it and have the technicians on-site retrofit them once spare units are available.

This means that many owners of the Model 3 and the Model Y are having to wait, sometimes up to three weeks after their planned delivery date, until their vehicle is equipped with the computer, which it needs to be able to take a charge.

These owners are especially irritated since they have already paid their delivery deposit on the car and are now watching it accumulate dust on their Service Center’s parking lot.

Furthermore, as is often the case with Tesla, the communications between the manufacturer and the customers are somewhat deficient and many owners are left in the dark about this situation.

In addition, since the car is waiting at the Service Center instead of the factory, the quality of the customer service and the communications varies from one owner to the other.

Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a very large number of customers finding themselves in this situation and the company seems to prioritise giving the parts to the factories in order to limit the number of cars being sent away without the ECU.

Source: Tesla Motors Club


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