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News A Mitsubishi Outlander Ralliart PHEV Could Arrive in 2024 with 286 Horsepower

A Mitsubishi Outlander Ralliart PHEV Could Arrive in 2024 with 286 Horsepower

The teased Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Ralliart could be coming soon.

  • The Ralliart nameplate was retired in Canada back in 2015 but Mitsubishi wants to bring it back.

  • A Vision Ralliart Concept based on the Outlander was shown last year.

  • This model could offer up to 286 horsepower and revised chassis and suspension settings.

Mitsubishi announced its intention to bring back sporty Ralliart models to its lineup in North America last year and this could be done as soon as 2024.

Indeed, a Ralliart version of the Outlander PHEV is apparently in the works and could be unveiled shortly.

This is not very surprising since the automaker launched the Vision Ralliart Concept in 2021 which is basically the current Outlander with different bumper and grille designs.

These distinctive elements are expected to be carried to the production model relatively unchanged since unlike many concepts, this one featured all of the hallmarks of a production-ready version.

Changes seen on the concept versus the regular Outlander included a filled-in grille up top and larger air intakes in the lower portion of the bumper.

The bottom of the front bumper also features a silver mesh design that is carried over to the rear diffuser which significantly changes the design of the rear end.

Other exclusive elements that could make their way to the final product include a racing-inspired center brake light in the aforementioned diffuser and widened wheel arches.

Speaking of the wheels, the Vision Ralliart Concept wears 22-inch units of an exclusive design that conceal larger brake discs fitted with six-piston callipers.

Mitsubishi Ralliart Concept | Photo: Mitsubishi

Since Mitsubishi hasn’t announced the full official details for the upcoming Outlander Ralliart, it is too early to say if these brakes will be part of the package, but it is possible since upgrades to the chassis and suspension systems versus the regular Outlander PHEV are expected.

Under the hood, this model should make more power than the model it is based on, but not that much more, since sources currently cite an output of 286 horsepower versus the current model’s 249 horsepower figure.

This output will be achieved using a tuned version of the same powertrain which is composed of a 2.4L four-cylinder engine, three electric motors, and a 20-kWh battery.

In any case, this target figure of 286 horsepower is about the same as the previous Lancer Evolution and the torque provided by the electric motors should be significantly higher than the 300 lb-ft this model produced since even the regular Outlander PHEV already delivers 332 lb-ft.

More information should be released soon if the Outlander Ralliart is indeed set to reach dealers across the continent as a 2024 model.

Source: Carscoops

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