Saturday, October 16, 2021
News A New Charger Can Charge Any EV in 15 Minutes

A New Charger Can Charge Any EV in 15 Minutes

This is the fastest electric vehicle charger ever created

  • It is the fastest charger ever made

  • Four vehicles can use it at once

  • Installation will begin in Europe by the end of the year, other continents will have them in 2022

ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) is a Swiss-Swedish company best known for making many of the robots used in automotive assembly lines, but it has also been active in the electric mobility sector for over ten years.

ABB recently launched the Terra 360, an electric car charger that is claimed to be the fastest ever created.

The Terra 360 can fully charge any electric vehicle in 15 minutes and plugging an EV for only 3 minutes is enough to add 100 kilometers (62 miles) of range.

In addition, this charger can accommodate four vehicles at once, meaning less of them could be used to charge more vehicles than with other chargers, which is good for businesses that would have had to install multiple units to cater to their clients.

The Terra 360 could lessen many of the drawbacks associated with electric vehicles because stopping for fifteen minutes to let the car charge during a long trip is much less of an inconvenience than waiting about 45 minutes, as it is currently with most EVs.

Also, the problem of trying to find an available charger in a busy city could be lessened by the use of chargers that can be used by more than one vehicle at a time, like this one.

ABB will start installing the Terra 360 in Europe before the end of the year and installations in Asia, Latin America and North America are due to begin in 2022.

The company is considering going public early next year and the sales of this new charger could boost its valuation up to $3 billion from about $220 million in 2020.

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