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NewsA New Electric Motor from Mahle can Sustain High Loads for Longer

A New Electric Motor from Mahle can Sustain High Loads for Longer

Mahle developed a new electric motor that can sustain higher outputs for a longer time.

  • Electric motors typically can’t deliver their peak power for long periods at a time

  • Mahle developed a new cooling system for this motor

  • This motor will be suitable for vehicles and heavy machinery

German parts supplier Mahle developed a new electric motor that is said to be capable of producing its maximum output during extended periods of time without having to stop for a cool down.

A problem that is facing high-performance electric cars and electric versions of heavy machinery is that electric motors are currently unable to deliver their peak horsepower and torque for long periods, which is necessary in order to compete with combustion engines.

Mahle believes it has found the solution to this problem by developing a new motor that features an enhanced cooling system that uses oil to keep itself cool under heavy use.

Mahle electric motor | Photo: Mahle

This motor is also very compact, which will make it suitable to use for in all sorts of applications, such as high-performance vehicles and industrial equipment.

In addition to its cooling system, one version of this motor is equipped with neodymium magnets, which is the strongest type available. In order to reduce the wear on these magnets even further, the motor is of the permanently excited variety, which reduces the internal friction on the rotor.

The second version of the motor will be devoid of any magnets, which will make it more affordable but also physically bigger, which could make it better suited to farming and construction equipment.

Mahle will launch both of these new motors in September at the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover.

The company has not announced any partnerships with automakers or other companies that could make use of the new motors, but if their claimed advantages are indeed true, they could be adopted by a number of manufacturers, especially for high-performance models that are likely to be used on a track and for heavy-duty trucks that are required to move heavy loads on long distances.


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