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NewsA new fascia and Super Cruise or the 2024 Buick Envision

A new fascia and Super Cruise or the 2024 Buick Envision

  • The crossover is inspired by the Wildcat EV prototype.

  • The Super Cruise system is finally offered in a Buick.

  • The interior has also been revised.


The shielded brand takes the bull by the horns for the 2024 model year. Following the recent unveiling of the Encore GX and Envista, Buick has now revealed the first details of its compact crossover, the Buick Envision.

The main aesthetic change is found at the front, where the design department has completely revised the vehicle’s snout. The new front end is of course inspired by the spectacular Wildcat EV prototype, with its wide grill in the middle, LED daytime running lights at the ends of the hood and concealed headlights underneath.

2024 Buick Envision Avenir | Photo: Buick

At this time, Buick only has this profile photo of the new model to show, but we can guess that the changes at the rear will be more restrained. The wheels on this Avenir livery are also new. As for the new three-shield logo, it sits right in the center of the front hood.

Buick has also taken the opportunity to integrate its Super Cruise driver assistance system. The system, based on the brand’s intelligent cruise control, is compatible with over 644,000 km (more than 400,000 miles) of North American highways in the USA and Canada.

It’s a safe bet that this driver assistance system will (probably) be limited to this single Avenir trim, a strategy employed elsewhere in the GM empire. For the time being, the most equipped models are those entitled to Super Cruise.

While the powertrain is likely to remain unchanged in 2024 – which means the same 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder – the dashboard is all-new, even though the photo supplied by Buick shows only a small portion of the vast screen that will extend to the center. Presumably, this will be inspired by the one on board the new Encore GX and Envista. Also note the new, more modern steering wheel, and the green light strip that accompanies the Super Cruise system.

More details will be provided later this year, when the first examples of the new 2024 model will be available.


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