Tuesday, November 28, 2023
News A New Fast Charging Station Could Drop Charging Times to 15 Minutes...

A New Fast Charging Station Could Drop Charging Times to 15 Minutes for Most EVs

The FLO Ultra charging station could significantly reduce charging times for all vehicles once it reaches the market in 2024.

  • Canadian Manufacturer FLO aims to have its FLO Ultra charging station in service in 2024.

  • The charger could reach a rate of up to 320 kW alone or 500 kW when connected to another charging station.

  • A motorized cable management system will also be introduced with this new station.

Reducing the charging time of electric vehicles is crucial to increasing their popularity with the general public.

In order to do so, FLO, a Quebec-based manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations has unveiled a new model of charger that could reduce fast-charging times to only 15 minutes for most vehicles.

At the moment, the fastest-charging electric vehicles on the mass market are the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and the Kia EV6 which can go from 10 to 80% charge in as little as 18 minutes using a level 3 350 kW charging station.

FLO’s new station claims to be able to reduce this time to 15 minutes for most EVs by using a rate of up to 320 kW on its own or 500 kW when connected to another charger.

This could in theory allow drivers to top up their batteries more quickly when two or more chargers are available at a station.

Each individual charger will feature two cables that will allow two vehicles to charge at the same time and will accommodate different locations by allowing the cable to reach both sides of a vehicle that is parked either perpendicular or parallel to the station.

FLO says that the station’s design is unlike any it has produced before since it uses an aluminum casing to house the cables and the charging equipment.

The company says a motorized cable management system will be implanted once it is patented, which could happen after the FLO Ultra chargers are rolled out to the public sometime in 2024.

This system will prevent the cables from dragging on the ground during charging sessions while lighter and more maneuverable cables will help drivers plug their vehicle in no matter when the charge port is located.

Source: Journal de Montréal

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